About EMF

EMF, as the governing body of minifootball at European level, has the purpose to promote, supervise and direct minifootball in Europe, as a means to contribute to the positive development of society.
The European Minifootball Federation, on an international scale, is without doubt the most significant and well – known sport federation in grassroots sports.

EMF Identity

3 words make up the meaning of the EMF as a concept. Let us analyze each one individually:

  • European
    EMF embraces the whole of Europe. The founding members and the countries which obtained membership status after the foundation of the EMF are the national associations of the following 28 countries (June 2015 data): England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Austria. Currently this number is rising to 36 countries (with the addition of Luxemburg, Bosnia, Hungary, France, Estonia, Belgium, Armenia and Ukraine) and we can easily estimate that in the following period (by the end 2016), even more countries will become a part of the EMF’s puzzle, and this number will increase to 43 European countries (future members: Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Georgia, Denmark, Belarus).
  • Minifootball
    The EMF is the Federation which endorses the most popular sport in the world, the minifootball. Minifootball is the type of football, the most widespread, which millions of amateur players in the world play and the only element that differs among cities and countries is the total number of players and the size of the field. So, the EMF created different categories of minifootball: 5aside, 6aside, 7aside and 8aside. The grassroots sport, the football that everybody loves & plays in mini fields, is from now on united under the umbrella of the EMF. The Federation connects millions of players from all parts of Europe, through their participation in the national minifootball leagues and championships which are organized by local / national associations. The EMF has a special dynamic because of the huge number of players who play every day, every week and every month because they are just in love with this sport.
    There are currently 1.100 official EMF facilities and more than 18.000 unofficial minifootball fields hosting the national tournaments which take place all over the EMF member-states. It is a fact that minifootball fields are -in absolute numbers- by far the most numerous in comparison to any other sport across the globe.
    The facilities which are chosen by the national associations are state of the art from all aspects (technological stand point- tartan used etc, security, stands for spectators, other facilities e.g. changing rooms, showers etc), easily accessible by everyone (multiple means of transport). In all cities the choice of facilities is made by the national associations after having visited the grounds and after consultation with the personnel in charge in order to ascertain their suitability to host part of the national championship.
  • Federation
    An important question regarding the identity of the EMF must be answered: Is it simply an official sports federation or is it more a marketing oriented entity. The most appropriate answer is the European Minifootball Federation is both. The EMF brand resembles a coin with two sides. For its target groups it is the top institutional organization representing the sport of minifootball. It serves as large “umbrella”, under which the national championships of the member states are sheltered. This is facilitated through the way the EMF is organized. It has a specific structure and has instituted effective control mechanisms to secure the continuous development of the sport it represents.
    The second side of the EMF as a brand has to do with its profile towards sponsors and official partners. For them, the EMF serves as a “raw material ” which can be shaped appropriately as to serve their interests as well as a vehicle to reach out to their target groups. The EMF offers limitless advertising options and an opportunity to create customized ways to advertise. Inevitably the EMF must maintain such a relationship with its sponsors and official partners as their support is vital for the achievement of the goals of the federation.

EMF Values

A number of concepts represent the values of the European Minifootball Federation. These interconnected values express the core of who we are and guide all our steps along the way. They stand for the aspirations and ethos of the EMF.

  • Participation: It doesn’t matter who wins the match, it doesn’t matter who the best player is. What matters is the effort, being part of the team and performing ones best.
  • Entertainment: Minifootball is fun. It means coming together with friends, meeting new people who share the same passion for the game and simply enjoying the sport.
  • Wellbeing: EMF addresses non professional athletes who play Minifootball to maintain their physical and mental health.
  • Sportsmanship: Minifootball as a sport enjoyed for its own sake, with a spirit of fair-play, respect, ethics and fellowship towards ones competitors being dominant.
  • Action: Taking action, not watching action from the couch. This concept is vividly expressed by the official motto of the EMF “YOU PLAY.”.

EMF Motto

The motto of EMF is: “YOU PLAY.”. Two words which encompass the nature and spirit of minifootball as a sport. There is no doubt that minifootball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Everyone who participates automatically becomes the “star”, the center of his daily athletic reality. In this sense, minifootball is the true football, the football which everyone can play whereas in the regular football (11×11) most people participate as mere spectators. In a minifootball match one has the chance to “get off the couch” and enter the football field. The word “You” indicates that minifootball touches everyone regardless of technique, skills, age, physical capacity etc. Anyone can play minifootball and that is exactly why EMF is 100% incorporated in its “minifootball family” or in other words in its target groups.