42) 20.11.2016

Czech’s Confirm Their Dominance

Czech national team members, who had won the continental championship in Prague also dominated the European Minifootball Cup for under 21 players in Jevišovice in the Znojmo region. General manager Petr Brejla with the head coach Zdeněk Parůžek divided the Czech national team into two similarly strong halves. The red team was made of the [...] Wednesday 16 November 2016 09:42

We are coming as a team, not as a group of individuals

We met Andrej Žáčik from the team FC Letka from Slovakia. FC Letka was the best in Slovaki in 2015-2016 and the title of the Slovakian Champion was a fair title for them. Trenčín is the small beautiful town that they represent, an absolutely “minifootball town” and Andrej’s words help us see how the upcoming [...] Friday 16 September 2016 07:29

Slovakia’s New Boss Has Plenty To Learn

Slovakia lost 2 friendly games in a row. On Tuesday 19th of July, just 2 days after U21 team earned bronze medal, Slovakia played two friendly matches against the host country of next EMF EURO – Hungary. They lost both as Hungarian team is hungry for home success in about 4 weeks. 1st match: Slovakia – [...] Friday 22 July 2016 09:20
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Slovakia And Hungary Meet In A Friendly

Slovakia will taste the Hungarian atmosphere just 4 and half month before EMF EURO 2016, when they play a friendly game on April 19th at 7pm in Budapest. The game is seen as vital practice ahead of EMF Euro, which will take place in the Hungarian town of Shezekesfehervar this August. “We would like to improve [...] Wednesday 13 April 2016 08:16

Hungary Given Plenty Of Christmas Cheer

Hungary have won the Christmas Cup for the first time on 27th of December 2015. A crowd of 900 spectators – including the Slovenian fans – filled Székesfehérvár’s biggest sportshall to watch the host nation play against Slovakia and Slovenia. The tournament began with the Hungarian – Slovakian duel. In the first minutes of the [...] Friday 15 January 2016 16:42
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Another Historic Under 21 Match Takes Place In Bratislava

Czech U21 squad dominated the match with their former federal brothers Czech national minifootball team of U-21 players managed to win also the second match with Slovakia in Bratislava and defeated their opponent 4:2. “We know that quality is on our side. We gave it our everything. It is only fair that we won.“ said [...] Wednesday 13 January 2016 15:01

Slovakia “Hungary” For Success At EMF Euro

The year 2015 was the first complete year for new Executive Committee of Slovak Minifootball Association.”In my opinion this year was something like a starting point for all of us. The main goal was to organize first club Championship and choose the best possible squad to Croatia in order to make a good result in miniEURO 2015“, [...] Friday 08 January 2016 11:56

Christmas Match Provides Festivities In Slovakia

The match between the teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia  U21′s will take place December 19th 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Just few days before Christmas the spectators will have a chance to watch the now traditional derby between Slovak and Czech teams. It is going to be the second match in their history. The [...] Friday 11 December 2015 09:21
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Only The Best Will Do For Slovakia

Only the best Slovak players will have a chance to participate on Slovak trials day which is going to take place in Bratislava on the 22nd of August. On the basis of player´s skills and performance the players going to miniEuro will be chosen. It is the very last selection and for the players the last [...] Thursday 13 August 2015 13:13
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New Venue For Slovak Championship

The Slovakian minifootball Association has announced that therewill be a minifootball championship in Košice on 20.6-21.6.2015. It  will be the first time championship will be held in Košice, the second biggest city in Slovakia. The best  40 teams from Slovakia will be presented  in this 2-days tournament. Slovak minifootball association will also support Košice this way, [...] Friday 08 May 2015 14:34