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The race for hosting EMF EURO 2018 is in it’s final stages

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21 November 2017

5 cities are in the final candidates list for hosting EMF EURO 2018. The application process has entered the last stage and the following cities are in the race: Torino (Italy), Katowice (Poland), Subotica (Serbia), Kiev (Ukraine) and Astana (Kazakhstan).

During EURO 2017 the mayor of Subotica was EMF’s guest in Brno, Czech Rep., and saw for himself the great effect EMF EURO has on the host city. A delegation from Katowice’s municipality also visited Brno and begun discussions with EMF officials during the event. Zhenya Dontsov, president of the Ukranian Minifootball Association has been discussing with EMF since the beginning of the year to host EMF EURO in an existing Minifootball complex in Kiev. The “city of sports” is an Island sports center in the center of the capital, right next to Kiev’s Dnieper river main beach which attracts thousands of people in the summer.


Kiev’s minifootball stadium on the┬áDnieper beach

Two cities have joined the race in the last moment: Astana and Torino. Since the Kazakhstan Minifootball Association’s stadium was recently inaugurated, EMF EURO 2016 champions were aiming to host an international event and have recently decided to apply for EMF EURO 2018. Torino is without doubt a very attractive destination for the EMF. A recent meeting held between Italian Minifootball Association president Gianluca Finazzi together with the local municipality and commercial partners, has sparked interest in hosting EMF EURO 2018 in one Europe’s most beautiful cities.

The 5 candidate host cities received a deadline to deliver all the documents and bid information by the beginning of December and EMF will announce the host city for EMF EURO 2018 by December 15th. Stay tuned.

Torino, Italy. Will EMF EURO 2018 go there?

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