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Our main strength is the friendship

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13 September 2016
Hungary Hungary   
Szigetszentmiklós BE4PRO - Hungary

This is a different story. Some friend from Hungary who play futsal together, decided to try their skills in minifootball too. This happened only 1 year ago and their results were very good. We met Gyula Gergály from the team Szigetszentmiklós BE4PRO.

- How many years you play minifootball and how you started this sport?

We have founded our club 1 year ago with a different name. Than, we started as a futsal club, and as a practice we used to take part in minifootball championships and leagues. During the summer these leagues were excellent opportunities to stay active and to practice our tactical elements.

- Which elements are the strongest of your team?

Our main strength is the friendship between us. We are very close friends not only on the pitch, but outside of the field too. We are mainly university students, and thanks to this we can talk everything in our life. Other strong point is our coach, who does not only advise us with great tactics and tips, but helps a lot to create a stable economic background too.

- Do you plan to create your own history in European minifootball? Is the EMF Champions League the best start for this?

I think, we already made history in Hungary. Now our aim is, to continue it on international level. We know that the EMF Champions League will be a great opportunity for us to meet talented players, and strong teams. Every single time we spend on the pitch will be a great pleasure. We can’t wait to play.

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