The marketing plan of the EMF includes some big sponsorships from main Sponsors, each one coming from different industry categories. In addition to this, there will be official sponsors / partners coming from various distinct sectors. The EMF serves as a “raw material ” which can be shaped appropriately as to serve the sponsors’ and partners’ interests as well as a vehicle to reach out to their target groups. The EMF offers limitless advertising options and an opportunity to create customized ways to advertise.

Sponsors: EMF creates a special connection of the EMF with a number of companies which belong to different industries. Therefore, the EMF makes strategic agreements with several companies which are not directly competing, will obtain different benefits and at the same time will not overshadow one another.

Official Partners: This type of bartering partnerships make the individual affiliates official partners of the EMF or the miniEURO. It’s all about offering free services or prducts to the EMF, its members and participants/players.




Founded in 1991 bos Sport und Werbung specializes in the rental of artificial turf and sports fields. Customers are associations, agencies, companies in Germany and the rest of Europe. At the same time, all products can also be fully branded by bos for advertising, e.g. printing logos on dashboards, artificial grass or safety nets.




The ProGame artificial turf shock pad evolved through 30 years of cooperation with pioneers from the synthetic turf industry to maximize safety and comfort. The layer system is lightweight, easy and fast to install and meets the requirements of the international standards in various sports.
Our XC material is highly recognized for sports like hockey, football, rugby, Americal football, multipurpose areas and golf.
The PrGame shock pad is manufactured by Trocellen, a leading Group producing cross linked PE foam.



Lighthouse is a leading European web development company, widely known for its innovative and, most of all, effective digital marketing services and e-commerce applications.


Since its foundation 13 years ago, Lighthouse, by using state-of-the-art technology and taking the most of its profound know-how experience, has shaped its passionate creativity into successful web development ventures, always aiming in forging strategic partnerships with its customers. Lighthouse specializes in Ecommerce Software Platforms, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and several other pioneering Internet Marketing Solutions (mobile applications, digital advertising etc.).Visit Lighthouse, check thoroughly our latest projects and verify the list of our high esteemed customers and partners. You deserve a prominent place among them.



Since 1975 SMG has been dealing with the development of modern machinery for the installation of synthetic surfaces in the sports industry. Also for the maintenance of artificial turf or carpets with granule infilling SMG has already presented the world‘s first innovations since the 80s. For about 35 years SMG has been offering a unique range of machinery. As a pioneer in the special sector „synthetic sports surfaces and artificial turf“ SMG disposes of recognized competence and experience since decades. Ask us – we know what is possible.



Football is the biggest sport in the world and belongs to us all.

FARE is an international network of groups active in over 40 countries, our aim is to help support and and coordinate efforts across borders and strengthen activity at national level.

We want to see the beautiful game played without discrimination and used as a social tool to unite communities, overcome exclusion and create social change. Our focus is on tackling racism of all kinds, homophobia, and to empower minorities and women to realise their personal and collective potential.