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The semi finals of EMF Champions League are set

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10 September 2017

Juventus Sibiu will face ECOS, while MAV Glissando will have to play against Montenegrin Dadi/Eurozox NO-MI in the semi finals of EMF Champions League this afternoon.

Last 16

Sunday morning saw four Romanian teams progressing to the quarter finals. Last year’s runner up, Juventus Sibiu, knocked Old Boys out 4:1 to get to the quarter finals. MAV Glissando had a better start to the game against fellow countrymen FC Boromir, and forged ahead to 2:0 by the half-time whistle. Even though FC Boromir’s Marian Bogdan found the back of the net in the 34th minute, the remaining 6 minutes weren’t enough for them to equalise.  MAV Glissando progressed to the next stage.

On another pitch, National Iron Team of Hungary fought with great enthusiasm against CS Luceafarul Cluj Napoca, but the Romanian team proved to be better and processed to the best-8 after a 2:1 win. ECOS have also defeated Dentim Clinic Katowice 2:1, making Tiki Taka Warszawa – who won 6:3 against NK Kapela Ekosen – the only team between the last 8 to represent Poland.

Golden Boys got off to a flier against Transylvania FC when Silviu-Ionut Furtuna scored in the 5th minute. Thanks to 5 more answered goals during the utterly one-sided 40 minutes of the match, Golden Boys joined the other Romanian teams between the last-8.

Mexicans played an emotional match against Ary &Roby that ended with six people being booked and two players receiving red cards, one on each side. The match’s only goal was scored by Aviad Dahan in the8th minute, resulting in Mexicans stepping up to the next stage.  So did Dadi/Eurozox NO-MI after beating Karmacsi Autó-GBB 2:1.

Quarter Finals

Juventus Sibiu met Tiki Taka Warszawa in the afternoon. At the end of the goalless 40 minutes, the teams prepared for a penalty shootout.  After several brilliant saves from the goalkeepers on both sides, Juventus Sibiu’s ball finally passed the Polish goalkeeper and fired the team into the semi finals.

Mexicans had to defeat Dadi/Eurozox NO-MI to make it to the semi finals. Despite scoring twice, their intention to progress was undermined as Miloš Ćetković’s, Goran Drobnjak’s and Marko Bajčetić’s strike ensured the needed 3:2 win for Dadi.

From the all-Romanian derby between MAV Glissando and Golden Boys, MAV Glissando came out victorious at the end of another penalty shootout. In regular time the match ended 1:1.

ECOS of Bosnia and Herzegovina faced CS Luceafarul Cluj Napoca in the quarter finals. Marin Jukić and Kristijan Pantić smashed ECOS into what appeared to be a comfortable 2:0 lead only 10 minutes after the start. CS Luceafarul Cluj Napoca’s chances of progression appeared to be slightly better after they found the back of the net two minutes after the second half started. But their attempt to find an equalised fell short, ECOS made it to the semi finals.

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