Storm …of Goals…. in Athens!

The first matches of 2015 in Athens, in N’Joy UNI-League took place under unusual weather conditions for the Greek Standards. The temperature was about 0-5ο C during most of the matches and despite the storm, the matches were not cancelled. There was a break for the Christmas holiday’s but that was only for two weeks […] Friday 16 January 2015 10:19

Plenty To Build On for The Greeks After miniEURO 2014

The miniEURO has already become history and all National Teams should “study” their conclusions and try to solve the problems in order to improve themselves for the future. Making some critics in bullet points about the Greek National Team: * Greece played in total 4 matches and the 3 of them were against the 3 […] Thursday 04 December 2014 17:18

Greek Side Enters Second Phase Of It’s Training

The Greek National Team is about to start the 2nd stage of the training session which will carry on right up to the beginning of the miniEURO 2014. The team management has decided to accept the invitation and participate in a 3-Nations Cup with Bulgaria and Cyprus, one day before the Opening Ceremony of miniEURO. […] Friday 14 November 2014 12:24

Mybet, New Sponsor For The Greek National Team

Good news for Greek Minifootball, since mybet is the new big Company that was introduced to the Minifootball world in Greece. Mybet sponsors for the next season, both the N’Joy UNI-League, Greek Championship, and the National Team which will promote mybet to the back side of the official jersey. The Marketing Manager of the EMF, […] Tuesday 28 October 2014 11:51

New Marketing Era for the Greek Championship

The Greek National Championship N’JOY UNI-League has just started its registrations and the predictions promise an expansion in this year and also in 2015. Many changes have taken place on marketing level and the Organizers believe that the numbers will increase as a result of the improvements. There is a new philosophy on the branding […] Monday 06 October 2014 12:56

Injury Heartbreak For Long Serving Greek Star Karatis

The Greek National Team continues the preparation for miniEURO 2014 but the most experienced player of the team, but must make do without their longest serving player. Alexis Karatis who is the only player who has participated in miniEURO 2012 in Moldova and in miniEURO 2013 in Greece, suffered injury heartbreak and was seriously injured […] Tuesday 16 September 2014 14:18

Greek Team In Good Shape On And Off The Pitch

The Greek National team worked for about 12 days during the heart of the summer period. It was a very hard process for everyone and especially for the players who just finished a very difficult season and needed some rest but did not have the time to recuperate. The Greek National Team used 15 players […] Thursday 31 July 2014 14:03

New Kit For Greece

The Greek National Team was presented with its brand new kit yesterday and everybody hopes that it will bring much luck to miniEURO 2014! After the successful performance of the Greek Team in miniEURO 2013, the squad begins the new training period full of dreams and ambitions for the upcoming miniEURO. A special event took […] Friday 04 July 2014 09:22
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Greek Coach Gkaifilias Living The Dream…

The Greek coach who manages the National team for second year gave a Press Conference where he spoke about the goals of the Greek Team for this year. The training period starts in about 1 week and everybody wanted to hear his words. He focused on the challenge of the Team after miniEURO 2013 which was […] Thursday 03 July 2014 09:03

Magic in the N’JOY UNI-League finals in Greece

It was a lucky 13th season for the N’JOY UNI-League! A great fiesta was organized for the Big Final of the Greek Championship with many attractions and shows which also was popular with the many spectators who filled the tribunes! The Greek Cup, which is actually the 2nd division was won by Adistaktoi, the team […] Friday 13 June 2014 09:26