Resistenza Granata

A Burst Of Emotions In The Italian Over 35′s League

Partition of Resistance against Granada took on CBS Labs Pura Vida – after the team had a rethink which saw their training remodelled.  Colombero between the posts ; Betti , Nicholas and Carezana in in defence ; Romanisio universal Triarico , Bo and Galatians forward. In numerical advantage in the first 10 minutes (one of […] Thursday 06 March 2014 17:21
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All The Latest For Italy’s Thrilling Games

On the second day of Italy’s Time Out championships, the pick of the games in was a thrilling match between Follow Us and Zeta -Bi. Frederick Carpinelli ,  Zeta coach and director in the field, led his men including Prisco  in defence and Andrea Primerano in midfield, with Pasca between the posts.  Constantin Carp Char […] Thursday 27 February 2014 17:55
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A Wonderful Game, Full Of Emotion: Italy’s Match Of The Season

“A wonderful game and full of emotion, in which the referee did not have to even lift up his voice” that’s how the game between and Barrio Latino and Harrotasuna, was described as the two teams behaved with admirable honesty and fairness. The first leg was over 2-2.  Harrotasuna, vigorous and youthful team, takes the […] Friday 07 February 2014 11:47

Rayo Race To The Champions League In Italy

All the latest from Italy, where the cup means qualification for the domestic version of the Champions League The placement at the end of the first round in Italy’s minifootball cup, determines participation in the Time Out European Cup, which will start in February 2014. The teams ranked from 1st to 5th place qualify for […] Tuesday 28 January 2014 17:36

Italy Warms Up For MiniEuro In Unique Fashion

The Italian team is ready to compete in miniEURO in Greece – after a unique warm up. The pre- meeting is set at Carmagnola, near Turin , for Wednesday, Oct. 9 where the squad are guests of the Italian Federation Footgolf at the Sunflowers Golf Club , with the Blues engaged in an exhibition tournament […] Tuesday 08 October 2013 15:38
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Selection Process Gathers Pace

Earlier this week we reported on the Italian National Training session, designed to select the team represent Italy in European Minifootball Competition. The trials have all now taken place, and the final selections are beginning. The gathering of the Italian National selection including our players Selmi Jonathan, Diego Lazzerini (Livorno United), Fulvio Ceccarini (Nottingham Forest), […] Saturday 13 July 2013 09:16

Italian Team In Special Training Camp

Here they are, our Azzurri the miniEURO2013, already they are focused on the prestigious event in mid-October on the island of Crete,where they will play in architecture immersed in the splendor of the palaces of Minos unearthed by archaeologists. Twenty-nine athletes from all over Italy including Massimo Pezzuto, Saffioti Francesco, Gianluca Ongari and Lorenzo Bettiga […] Monday 08 July 2013 12:05
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Italian Minifootball Specialists To Help Organise World Masters Games

After Toronto, Copenhagen, Brisbane, Portland, Melbourne, Sydney and Edmonton, will be the city of Turin to host, from 2 to 11 August, the sporting event of the World Masters Games, Over 35 dedicated athletes. The World Masters Games are the greatest sport event in the world dedicated to athletes over 35: an event that involves […] Tuesday 02 April 2013 12:44

Italian Minifootball Finals Set For June Date

We are very proud to announce that the Italian Minifootball Championship, opened in September 2012, has now fixed dates for its fixtures. The Regional phases are planned for the second and third week of May 2013. Then from 7th to 9th June 2013, the Final matches of Minifootball Championship are planned with five and eight players in every team, in the […] Friday 22 February 2013 16:39
03 September 2012

Italia is preparing the National Team

The final phase of Italian Soccer League National Championship in Vis Pesaro Stadium (1-3th June 2012) offered a variety of emotions to the public: the winner was Piemonte, after a match with palpitation against the Liguria team. It′s a considerable pleasure for our association to remember the path that the Guarnieri team took, Piemonte′s standard […] Monday 03 September 2012 21:38