Kole trans Sampion!!!

A Marvellous Spell For Minifootball In Montenegro!

A fantastic day for minifootball in Montenegro saw matches for the third and first place, and the final match for the prestigious trophy was completed in the Podgorica  minifootball league brought together forty teams, most of Podgorica, and there were teams from other parts of the north and south of the state. Over than 700 amateur […] Thursday 19 June 2014 16:46

Dadex Winner Of First Minifootball Super Cup

The Minifootball Association of Montenegro organised the Super Cup competition, the match between the champions Dadex and CUP winner Eurozox NO-MI. The match ended goalless between two teams that are big rivals. The stakes were so great that both teams played hard and waiting by the opponent, whic has contributed to the match finished goalless. […] Wednesday 05 March 2014 17:04

Montenegro’s Positive MiniEURO Experience

The whole Montenegrin delegation, led by President Nebjosa Kraljevic, is still delighted following their return from Crete. The President of the Montenegro Minifootball Federation was firstly full of praise for the hosts. “It turned out that EMF made a smart decision when they offered Greece and the Greek Association to host the championship. Greece fully […] Tuesday 05 November 2013 17:50
Montenegor for miniEURO

Montenegro Ready for miniEURO!

After four weeks of training and selection of players for the national minifootball team of Montenegro Darko Mugoša, head coach, has confirmed the final list of passengers to go on the plane to miniEURO in Greece. The original list of 30 players eventually was reduced to 10 players and 3 goalkeepers In addition to a […] Monday 30 September 2013 12:41
kralj i joveta

Jovetic On Board As Montenegro Minifootball Grows

The Montenegro Minifootball Association has made a £22m (€25.5m) new signing as star international player Stevan Jovetic has agreed to become a brand new ambassador for the sport. The 23-year old striker, who has just signed a deal to play in the English Premier League for Manchester City, who signed him for £22m earlier this […] Monday 29 July 2013 13:20

Dadex Are Top Dogs In Montenegro Championships

The official minifootball championships in Montenegro reached its conclusion, with Dadex taking the title. A total of 34 teams took part, first in the club championships, then the play offs. These were whittled down to just the final two, where Dadex took on Dadi Export. Dadex were the more agile team in the final, eventually […] Friday 05 July 2013 10:45

Eurozox Into Montenegro Finals

As the first official season of minifootball in Montenegro is coming to its close, the last four teams in the national competition showed their skills and demonstrated why this sport is enjoyed by so many in this country. Impressive attendance and interest of press and a national TV station proved to be yet another incentive […] Wednesday 01 May 2013 13:07

34 Teams In Montenegro As Competition Thrives

In season 2012/2013 Montenegro Minifootball has organized a championship where a total of 34 clubs are participating – making a total of around 500 players. Most of the clubs are from Podgorica, but also from other part of Montenegro and we have to highlight Diva Šavnik I Pivara Nikšić. Players are from other cities, but […] Thursday 10 January 2013 17:51
24 September 2012

MiniEURO Moldova 2012 crowned the winner

Romania won the miniEURO Moldova 2012, the European Minifootball Championship, a competition which was held in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. The winners defeated Montenegro in the finals, score 2-1 after full time. The exciting final game watched by more than 3,000 supporters from all over the continent, and was a fine culmination to a […] Monday 24 September 2012 22:46
23 September 2012

Video: Montenegro – Slovakia semifinal

MONTENEGRO and SLOVAKIA did very well at the miniEURO 2012, both teams having an impressive desire to fight to very end. Montenegro won group C with maximum of points, 9 out of 9, after beating ITALY 4-3, ENGLAND 7-1 and CZECH REPUBLIC 1-0. In the quarter-finals, MONTENEGRO was on the winning side after a tough […] Sunday 23 September 2012 22:45