Watch The Nations Cup Here

Using this link you can watch the games from the Nations Cup this weekend: The list of games are: Friday , 7th November 2014. 20.15  Minifootball Club Active Commerce Koprivnica – Minifootball Club Medvedgrad Zagreb (friendly match) 21.00  Croatia – Kazakhstan ( live on TV ) 22.00  Spain – Selection KC league team ( live on TV […] Thursday 06 November 2014 16:31

Nations Cup Kicks Off Tomorrow, Kazakhstan Arrive Today

After long preparation everything is ready for tomorrow’s kick-off of first ever Nations Cup in Koprivnica. Kazakhstan team have already arrived to Zagreb airport and now headed to Koprivnica. Spain team is coming tommorrow morning to Budapest airport. At the moment in the sport hall there is artificial grass instalment process so already today Kazakhstan […] Thursday 06 November 2014 15:42

Croatia Announces Plans For Major International Tournament

  On 7th and 8th November Koprivnica will welcome national teams of Croatia, Spain and Kazahstan on first ever Nations Cup. The matches will be played in Koprivnica sport hall and especially for this event artificial grass will be installed. The programme will start on Friday evening when Croatia will face Kazahstan (this two teams […] Friday 31 October 2014 16:25

2000 Excited Fans – Minifootball Is Making It’s Mark In Croatia

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of Koprivnica championship as one of the best competitions in Croatia, the national minifootball team played international friendly match against Slovenia with whom they already faced in miniEURO group stage. As soon as the game was announced so many people wanted to be part of this event. Along with the international […] Tuesday 10 December 2013 17:30
Czech Republic plays Croatia

Rancic Stars As Croatia Warm Up For MiniEURO With A Win

Both the Croatia and Czech team’s enjoyed the best possible test before MiniEURO 2013 kicks off as they played a competitive friendly on Saturday. Ivanić Grad’s beautiful sport centre complex ŠRC Petek that has among minifootball pitch also 4 star hotel, swimming pool and much more, provided the venue and the teams put on a […] Tuesday 24 September 2013 14:59
Croatia 1

Croatia Set For Final Test Before miniEURO

After much deliberation, Croatia coach Daniel Knežević and selector Josip Šimić made final list of 15 players from which they will choose final 12 that will travel to Crete this October and face Poland, Slovenia and cup holders Romania in group stage of the miniEURO event. The best possible test will be played on Saturday […] Monday 23 September 2013 16:17

Rapid Growth of Tournament Proves Minifootball Is On The Rise In Croatia

The conference hall of a plush hotel in Ivanic Grad was the venue for the draw for the Croatian Minifootball Cup. In total there were 22 teams in the drum, from all over Croatia, who will take part in the finals. The amount of teams shows how rapidly minifootball is developing in the country, as […] Tuesday 09 July 2013 09:41

EMF Speaks to Top Croatian Star

Last week, we brought you all the news from the Zagreb Minifootball Championships, which saw Maredo Grill cook up a stunning victory. This time around we speak exclusively to one of their star players, Jurica Mihovec to get his views on the way things turned out and also his wider opinions on minifootball in Croatia. Jurica, […] Thursday 04 July 2013 09:28

Maredo Grill Cook Up A Stunning Victory

The Zagreb League season gave the closest finish in years. Still there was a race between the three teams. Maredo Grill, Svačka and MNK Kustosija provided excellent entertainment . The winners, in their distinctive yellow shirts with black,  played some fabulous football , scoring 275 goals together, managed to gain the respect of all their […] Tuesday 25 June 2013 09:08
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