2020 club competitions to take place in Riccione

EMF executive committee has decided that EMF Champions League and EUROCUP will take place in Italy for the 2nd year in a row. The events will be in two consecutive weekends in the same location in the last weekend of August (26-30) and the first weekend of September (2-6).

The two candidate cities were Riccione and Lignano Sabbiadoro which each hosted one event in 2019. Both cities are located on the Adriatic coast with many attractions for the teams and players. After a 3 week analysis, the EMF executive committee and the Italian minifootball federation decided that Riccione will host EMF Champions League, EMF Masters Champions League and EMF EUROCUP in 2020.

EMF Champions League will be 24-32 team tournament for EMF members national champions with a 5,000 EUR prize for the winner willtake place between August 26th – 30th. The EMF Masters Champions League will one day later on the 27th with Europe’s top masters (40+) teams. The masters’ prize will be 2,500 EUR.

EMF EUROCUP will take place one week later, between 2nd-6th of September. 48 teams featuring top clubs from all over Europe will play for title and a 4,000  EUR prize.

This year for the first time EMF is considering to hold a Women’s competition and final decision will be taken in the first quarter of 2020.