“It’s an amazing feeling”

Portugal is member of the European Minifootball Federation since 2015 and has already particpated in the uropean Championship 2 times, in Croatia and in Hungary. One of the players of the National Team of 2015, Ricardo Sá Dias, plays also for Florgrade FC Santa Maria da Feira, the team that participates in the EMF Champions […] Sunday 11 September 2016 09:15

El Turco, for a new experience

Turkey is represented by 1 team in the EMF Champions League, El Turco but this is only the beginning for the country. We spoke to Caki Simrooğlu who analyzed the background of the Turkish team. – Has the European Minifootball Federation changed the perspective of the way you think of your favorite sport, minifootball? Yes, […] Sunday 11 September 2016 09:13

Main goal in ECL? To represent our country…

Bulgaria is one of the Balkan countries that minifootball is number one sport and it is not strange that the country is represented in the EMF Champions League with 8 teams. Atanas Konstantinov Hristov, 26 years old talked to our Media Team about the plans of the Gold Ins. – How is the preparation going? What […] Saturday 10 September 2016 09:10

‘Our fans will be our biggest motivation in Maribor’

Bolzing FC from Germany has some nice stories to share with us, just a few days before the kick off of the ECL. Vincenzo Cangianiello, one of the important players of the team talked to us. Searching our lists of the teams, we found out that one of the most positive teams that will participate […] Saturday 10 September 2016 09:06

We Want To Be The Dark Horses Next Time!

Klaudiusz Hirsch, the Polish Coach, on all things EMF Euro. Coach, EMF EURO in Hungary did not go as we desired. Especially – the match against Czech Republic. Was the Czech team so strong? Or we should blame it on our miserable performance? It was not our best day and we did a lot, to […] Friday 09 September 2016 12:41
Kazakhstan, the new European champions

The new European champions: KAZAKHSTAN!

Tonight Kazakhstan were crowned European champions after beating Croatia 6:5 on penalties after their final finished 2:2.   Before the final, in the ‘small final’, for the third place the Czech Republic faced Montenegro. Both sides had to quickly lick their wounds after their respective bitter semi-finals defeats. The Czech Republic had several chances in […] Saturday 27 August 2016 20:57
Croatia beat Montenegro to go to the final

EMF EURO 2016 final is set: Kazakhstan – Croatia

Today the EMF EURO has come to its final day. Over the course of the last six days, the Masterplast Arena saw 32 of the best European teams battle against each other in Székesfehérvár. The last day of the tournament started with the semi-finals in the morning. First the Czech Republic, who had beaten Poland […] Saturday 27 August 2016 11:37

Kazakhstan and Montenegro join the semi-finals

In the next quarter-final match, Germany were up against Kazakhstan. Dominic Reinold opened the scoring for Germany in the 14th minute. Germany continued the first half against Kazakhstan in a very positive manner, but failed to find the back of the net again. Germany finished the opening half still enjoying the narrow lead. Kazakhstan were […] Friday 26 August 2016 21:18
The Czech team defeated England in the quarter-finals

Czech Republic and Croatia are through to the semi-finals

Day 6 of the EMF EURO continued with the quarter finals. In the first quarter final, the Czech Republic met England. Tomas Kounovsky gave the Czech Republic an early lead, which was cancelled by Lucas Toti within a minute. The Czech Republic regained the lead in the 10th minute, and kept it until the break. […] Friday 26 August 2016 19:14