22 October 2012

The Romanian national minifootball team coach, Tibi Lajos

It was a cold morning in October in the capital city of Slovakia. This is the reference point for the Romanian national minifootball team. In 2010 it started the dream of the minifootball at the European level. Tibi Lajos, a former international football referee, was appointed some days before the first European Minifootball Championship to […] Monday 22 October 2012 23:28

Former football players on minifootball pitch

In the minifootball championship from Bucharest it is like a fashion mode that former football players to play on the minifootball pitch after they finish they career. After Petre Marin, Catalin Lita, Ionut Dragomir, Ciprian Mozacu, Daniel Iftodi or Nae Constantin, now Bogdan Mara is ready for a ”new beginning”.   Unfortunately for him and […] Friday 19 October 2012 23:27

Veterans of the Romanian national minifootball team

The Romanian minifootball is a story about friends, about people, about memories and not only about award trophies. The Romanian minifootball knows how to reinvent itself every year to succeed, but the most important point is that a lot of people have become friends through this beautiful game. Two of them are Nicolin Miroslav and […] Wednesday 17 October 2012 23:25
25 September 2012

Romania took the trophy, but MINIFOOTBALL is the winner

Romania has been crowned the first ever miniEURO champions after a thrilling 2-1 victory over Montenegro. The pre-tournament favorites saw off competition from 15 other nations from as far apart as Kazakhstan and Israel to win the silverware. The final, which was watched by a crowd of over 3.000 people in the Opera Square in […] Tuesday 25 September 2012 22:47
24 September 2012

MiniEURO Moldova 2012 crowned the winner

Romania won the miniEURO Moldova 2012, the European Minifootball Championship, a competition which was held in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. The winners defeated Montenegro in the finals, score 2-1 after full time. The exciting final game watched by more than 3,000 supporters from all over the continent, and was a fine culmination to a […] Monday 24 September 2012 22:46

Romanian Minifootball Super Cup

Romanian Minifootball Federation will organize in September the highly expected event for national minifootball. Between 14th-15th September Iași city will host the second edition of the Romanian Minifootball Super Cup. The winner of the National Championship, Aldoor Magic Driver Iași, will play against the winner of the Romanian Minifootball Cup, Juventus Sibiu. Last year Consiliul […] Thursday 30 August 2012 21:17

Aldoor Magic Driver Iasi win the National Minifootball Championship in Romania

Every summer the best minifootball teams from Romania participate in the National Minifootball Championship. This year the most important Romanian minifootball competition was held in Deva city on week ago. After a three day minifootball marathon where over 300 players participated from across whole the country, the trophy was won by the team Aldoor Magic […] Monday 16 July 2012 01:51

Regional phase of the National Championship in Romania

A small Romanian city, called Onesti, hosted on Sunday one of the four regional minifootball competitions organized in this period of time in Romania. 9 champion teams from East and Central part of the country, winners of the local championships, participated in this phase of the competition to fight for a place in the National […] Thursday 21 June 2012 22:09

Blue Arrows Otopeni fly to National Championship in Romania

On May 30th the minifootball championship finished in Ilfov county too, which is one of the new leagues organized for the second year by the Romanian Minifootball Federation. The winner of this championship is Săgețile Albastre Otopeni (translation: Blue Arrows Otopeni). Some days ago the players of this team celebrated the first title in their […] Sunday 03 June 2012 21:43
11 May 2012

El Clasico – Avantaje vs. Alfa Cristur Team

At the beginning of July Deva city become the capital city of the Romanian minifootball. Between 5th-8th July all the best 20 Romanian teams will participate in the Final Phase of the National Minifootball Championship. The 7 teams which qualify directly according to the coefficient ranking system are Iași, Zalău, Buzău – winner of the […] Friday 11 May 2012 21:21