34 Teams In Montenegro As Competition Thrives

In season 2012/2013 Montenegro Minifootball has organized a championship where a total of 34 clubs are participating – making a total of around 500 players.

Most of the clubs are from Podgorica, but also from other part of Montenegro and we have to highlight Diva Šavnik I Pivara Nikšić. Players are from other cities, but they are mostly related to Podgorica because of business or study. There are different profiles of players, different ages and professions. In our league we have students, ex professional football players with long experience abroad in football and futsal, number of respectable people, who all mix people who work in football.

Regarding the small state of Montenegro and the fact that we have only about 100 professional football players and just 7 futsal teams, it was a great success gathering so many teams and players. The proof that we have good organized and serious league is the fact that a number of professional players left their clubs in order to play in our league.

So far there have been nine games in the Montenegro minifootball championship . Presently it is in  pause until the end of January and this is time for transfer and teams can change one or two players. We also organized a cup competition, first time in Montenegro in minifootball.  There were teams that participated in league by elimination. It was great interest in the cup and now it is quarterfinals.

In the end of last year we had organized friendly match between minifootball representation of Montenegro and football association Montenegro led by Branko Brnović, current selector of representation of Montenegro in football. The match was in media attention and has been recorded by three TV stations.  That was high quality match and result was in second plan.