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Czech Republic

08 October 2012

The winner of the Winners Cup is AC Everlast Pribram

This historic success could be attributed to Prague minifootball association. After the triumph of the club Akta-Rez Prague, who became Master of the CR in minifootball in 2012, other team from Prague, Borcibalona, was not too far from the top. This sympathetic team in jerseys of the football team from Barcelona won both matches in […] Wednesday 01 August 2012 21:05
31 July 2012
13 July 2012

AKTA-REZ PRAGUE is master of minifootball in the Czech Republic

Prague′s team AKTA-REZ became the champion last week in the Czech Republic in minifootball. In the final of the 17th Championship in minifootball of the Czech republic the champion defeated its rival from the second largest city of Brno which (TRIPOLI) with a 2:1 score. TRIPOLI BRNO won the first halftime 1-0, but the team […] Friday 13 July 2012 01:50

Championship of Czech Republic in minifootball announces the draw

Gala draw of minifootball Championship in the Czech republic divided 40 teams into 8 groups of five. On Friday 6 July, the basic group will play. On Saturday’s matches only four teams from each group will be forwarded. The two best teams from each group get to play-offs. The favorite teams to win are TIP […] Tuesday 03 July 2012 01:44
05 June 2012

Invitation to Zelencup, minifootball summer tournament in Czech Republic

European Minifootball Federation (, Association of minifootball in the Czech republic ( and a former league football player Luděk Zelenka, invite you to a two day tournament in minifootball. The tournament will be held from the 22nd – 24th June 2012 in a beautiful area of ​​the football club FC Český Dub (District of Liberec). […] Tuesday 05 June 2012 21:56
29 May 2012
08 May 2012

The Czech minifootball will move to Montenegro

Drawing lots of Championship in minifootball of the Czech republic will take place ceremonially in a castle in Montenegro. Like other European countries, the Czech Republic is preparing for its 17th consecutive Championship in minifootball. The premiere will be hosted in Montenegro. Montenegro is a Czech village with 2,000 inhabitants which will witness such glory […] Tuesday 08 May 2012 21:19
17 April 2012

Czech minifootball will have its own TV show

Czech national sport television will be broadcasting minifootball matches from all counties in the CzechRepublic. This show will be called “Studio of minifootball” and will be on air every month from September 2012. Through this show, there will be a presence of the first division in minifootball from all counties in CzechRepublic and each county […] Tuesday 17 April 2012 17:09

National Championship in Czech republic

The National championship in the Czech Republic is divided into 36 regional associations, which operate in 14 regions of the Czech Republic. The best teams from the regional associations refer to the Championship of the CzechRepublic in the small football (40 teams). Basic round championship is played in September. The basic round will advance to […] Sunday 18 March 2012 00:28