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A Marvellous Spell For Minifootball In Montenegro!

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19 June 2014
Kole trans Sampion!!!

A fantastic day for minifootball in Montenegro saw matches for the third and first place, and the final match for the prestigious trophy was completed in the Podgorica  minifootball league brought together forty teams, most of Podgorica, and there were teams from other parts of the north and south of the state.

Over than 700 amateur players participated. The matches attract huge interest to the public, and the media and we can say that these matches were well covered in all our country. Minifootball this year proved that it moves forward, and from year to year there is growing interest in this sport.

Plevlja 04 - Kole trans

It is now  by far the most popular amateur sport in Montenegro, which is a fantastic achievement

As for the matches were the were very interesting and exciting and we saw a good football games. In the fight for the third place team Eurozox  defeated former champion team Dadex with a 2-1 result after extra time. In the final cup game  SD Zagorič and Montenegro Airlines met. Zagoric won with the score 3:2 and won their first trophy.

The most important game, though,was the match for the championship. In a very uncertain and interesting game team Kole trans managed in the last moments of the second extra time to score a goal and beat Pljevlja 04 2-1 and reach Champions League title.

The Podgorica league is now under the auspices of the Association minifudbal Montenegro (UMFCG) and is part organized and leagues in Herceg Novi, which this year brought together 25 teams from the coastal parts of our country. The league, which was completed earlier in relation to Podgorica, the most successful was the team Plumbing Herceg Novi, which is ranked first. For a few days will take place and the last match in this year’s season, and it will be a match for the state champion in minifootball and will meet teams Kole trans Podgorica and Herceg Novi Plumbing.

The Minifootball Association continued preparations for the next season which will start in September, and also follows the selection and preparation of players for the national team, who’ll expect in the coming period of two competitions European Championship in November in Israel and the World Cup in March 2015 in the United States.