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03 December 2015

With just a month until the start of 2016, things in Romanian Minifootball are quiet, almost all the local championships having already finished the first half of this season. The teams are stronger than last year, so we can expect a very exciting National Championship next years’ summer. Romania is already thinking about EMF Euro and is trying to find new ways to select the players that will represent our country in Hungary, because all the other national teams on the continent are looking stronger every year.

A big struggle of the Romanian Minifootball Federation is represented by the process of recognition as an independent sport in our country, which is going well as we speak. Our officials and the former Minister of Youth and Sport, ex-champion Gabriela Szabo, have met after miniEURO 2015 (pictured) in order to congratulate our players and talk about the future of this game.

Also, some new local championships have been initiated or will be soon, so another long term objective, to have a competition in every county, is on its way.