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All The Leading Clubs Are Winners In Italy

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17 March 2014
Italy Italy   

The M ** Bun keeps two precious points ahead of Soft Sports , and three on the Pizzeria Dessi : The team is built on a  formidable attack, with an average of eleven goals every two games is due to the instinct for goal of the trio of attacking talent, Scapellato – Pugliese – Gervasio (56 goals in total) , which support in midfield and on the flanks of Mister Saturday, DiCaprio , Giampietro and Stefani . However, this finest of teams also has a defence that is  to say the least hard to breach , so far ir has grossed just one goal per game, keeping a clean sheet in 7 games out of 13 , including the last two.

Against the GS Piazza in their most recent match, Federico Finazzi , the team leaders built a defensive wall,  retaining wall the usual defensive playmakers act as Fabio Giampietro and Savior Gervasio ; in their attack Richard Scapellato and Gianluca Pugliese . However, the protagonists of the game are both defenses , which allow little or nothing : only Richard Scapellato found a way in which to score the winning goal.

The big match at Chisola between the Soft Sports, who occupy the runners up spot currently and Resistance Grenade who sit fifth. Soft soon displayed its considerable firepower. At the start of the race, the grenade Nicholas loses sight Tanzi, who, primed diagonally, cold inexorable Colombero . Three minutes later, a cross shot by Andrea Zago finished a great move. Down by two goals, Grenade tried a shot from distance, with Bo and Davanzo , but no luck. Soft made it 3 to 0 thanks to a devilish cross from Max During. Just missing the interval Grenade got back into things when Fabrizio Zecchi won a contest on the edge of his own area and launches into another restart Fabrizio Bo, who made no mistake. The first half ends at 3 to 1 for Soft.  In the second half, from the off grenade attempt a counterattack, but Tanzi is on hand to make it 4-1, when launching a diagonal transfer from the non- coverage of Galati . Resistance starts on the right with Davanzo , which serves the onrushing and unmarked Betti , is a hit without fail. But after just three minutes Davanzo loses badly the ball to the edge of the area , and allows you to Tanzi to sign the 5 to 2 on the first post . Soft Sports deserved victory.