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All The News From The Women’s League In Czech Republic

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21 May 2013

Men’s competitions are commonplace, veteran competitions are played in several regional minifootball Associations in the Czech Republic, but the only Association where competition of women’s minifootball is played is Brno.

In the season 2008/2009 there was a contest called Swatch Women’s League and which attracted eight teams.And, whilst the current womens, women’s league only houses one more team, the quality is incomparable.

While in the beginning it was a purely amateur league these days it is home to many female players who play football on high level. The popularity of minifootball among women continues to rise, so in the next season are expected to increase the number of teams and perhaps even opening the Women’s League in other regional minifootball Associations in the Czech Republic.

Rules are the same for both men and women, the only difference is the time that is shorter for women’s league. In keeping with the sterotype of women behaving better on the field, the competition does not see as many yellow and red cards as the male competitions!


The quality and speed of the matches continues to improve year on year and there are high levels of excitement, with some particularly thrilling games at the top of the table.