Aramis SE Mad Dogs are ready to defend the title

Last weekend was the final of the Hungarian Superliga. EMF Champions League 2016 winners Aramis SE Mad Dogs, won the local title and looked well prepared for the upcoming Champions League in Terme Catez coming this September.

Hungarian Superliga finals (photo: Hungarian Minifootball Federation)

Team captain, Roni Ribeiro da Silva, arrived from Brazil to Hungary in 2002 as a professional 11-a-side football player and after 10 years in Hungarian football, he stayed in the country and moved naturally to minifootball. After winning last year he was thrilled to return to Slovenia for the 2nd year in a row: “Defending the title is always the hardest, but i believe that we are better than last year and we are looking forward to enjoy the whole minifootball event again.”

In the next 2 weeks we will know the identity of some more of the top European minifootball clubs who will participate in 2017 EMF Champions League.