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Armenia’s Great Revolutionary Remembered In Special Tournament

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23 April 2014
Armenia Armenia   

The Armenian minifootball association has announced plans for a football match to celebrate what would have been the 127th birthday of Hayk Bzhshkyan, the great historical figure.

The tournament is the first ever that the Armenian Minifootball Association has organised, having announced its formation last year.

Football lovers who live in Nor-Nork district of Yerevan city, Armenia are being invited to sign up, to remember,  Armenia’s great son Bzhshkyants’, known to all as Gai, a revolutionary figure of great importance and Soviet commander, who would have been 127 this year.

Highlighting the importance of the great Armenian commander, Armenian MiniFootball Federation is organizing a tournament in the name of Bzhshkyants. Football lovers and individuals, who live in Nor-Nork, can recruit teams and participate in the tournament: