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Arsenal Suceava Wins The Cup Of South America

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01 May 2014
Italy Italy   

Arsenal Suceava, a team of Romanian descent which takes its name from a city in Bukovina, full of Renaissance art, are competing in the same group of Boys Romania , Uruguay, where they finished in fourth place in a tie with Coffee and Venaria Harrotasuna . Their extraordinary success in the Copa Sudamericana does tip the scales in favor of the Romanian formations this year.

Led by Vasile Nicolaescu , the Suceava are presented to the American Cup tournament held in bright yellow and include eight men in their squad, including the team manager . The team is comprised of the goalkeeper Ionut Sfichi ; defender Ion Dogaru ; Doru midfielders and Liviu Ciobanu Ursu ; Exterior Ion Brindau and Danut Grigoras ; pivot Valentin Nicolaescu , who has scored an astonishing thirty league goals .

In the group stages, Arsenal won all three games. Their defence was formidable, with the team conceding only two goals in three games thanks to their shrewd strategy, which relies mainly on fast counter attacking football. Their small squad means the team need to use energy wisely. But the fact the team know each other so well works in their favour, with superb angles of attack in a well- oiled team that right from the start is extremely close-knit.

In the semi-finals against the I- pkg , with the score 0-1 , Grigoras find space to put a raking diagonal into the area , precise and powerful , that is converted . The draw marks the resurgence of Suceava, the last portion of the game that puts their opponents on the ropes -and-go at breakneck speed . With the game ending in a tie, it goes to the lottery of penalties. Suceava rattles off a half-dozen shots from the spot. I- pkg manages five, two, but Bubba misses the decisive one : Sfichi refuses to be out thought and dives towards the right corner, meaning it ends 7 to 6 for Suceava .

Lands to the Grand Final against the Romanians Turin Orange. Vasile Nicolaescu opts for a 3-3-1 formation. The orange dribble well, are timely in advance, but Suceava closes well in defence and starts the game fast, with Ursu smashing home. However their opponents hit back and inevitably create opportunities for a counter attack is again Ursu – who has pace to burn – shoots, adding a second goal. 2 ends to 0 for Suceava, Vasile Nicolaescu leading his team to the South American Cup, a trophy dream for a young team full of enthusiasm. The Romanian football at 8 Time Out has ended with a bang .

The third place gets the I- pkg winning a tough challenge, being made to battle to the last breath against MP Poka Yoke Nicholasville, a feisty and determined side that team manager Angelo D’ Addino was able to lead in the semifinals , thanks to the valuable technical level of players like Andrea and Stefano Lapier pylon in the midfield, and Roberto and Stefano Spessot Zacchino forward. The times end 2 to 2: roller marks and Fantini for the I- pkg , and Spessot Zacchino for Poka . In the penalty shootout the I- pkg edged it with 5 goals against 4, thanks to the icy precision of his penalty takers , who did not fail this time the goal.