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Astonishing Comeback As The Top Two Meet

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07 April 2014
Italy Italy   

This week the top two, Barca and Real Reer met. The predictions were for a titanic struggle – and no one was left disappointed.

Reer manager Salvatore Bonetti deploys a defensive 3-1-2-1 formation Orlando between the posts ; Sanna, Frost and De Lillo trio of defenders; Christian Licciardi in defensive midfield; with Petullo Nigo and Tuminello in advanced roles. The Real Barca goalkeeper was Guarino ; Robert Messineo central defender joined by Constantine and Robert Messineo  playmaker ; Constance on the wings; Beppe Messineo up front.

After just 5 minutes Reer took the lead: as Cristian Tumminello finished off a flowing move. The Real reacted to this with a spell of furious attacking themselves, Orlando at his best several times before the pressure finally told, drawing with the striker Beppe Messineo .

Reer soon re-took the lead Silvio Nigo with a volley from outside the box. The first half ends at 2 to 1 as Bonett got the managerial upper hand.

At  Nigo signed the 3 to 1, but the Real pulls out all its character. The deficit was halved by Beppe Messineo and, with time almost running out they completed the astonishing comeback and equalized with Roberto Menabò in the midst of a confused melee.