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Bad Boys On Best Behaviour To Win Polish Minifootball Championship title

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06 September 2013
Poland Poland   

Bad Boys Szczecin won Polish Minifootball Championship title in Nike Playarena League. In the final match, they beat Bestia Team Police – after a penalty shootout – 4:3 (2:2 in regular time).

The final tournament in Warsaw was the fitting conclusion of the whole season in Nike Playarena League. The 32 best teams from all over Poland came with hope to win the NPL Championship; the winners of four preliminary tournaments – Grajki Team Bialystok, Dzbany Lodz, kPr Nysa and Colbico Krosno – were said to be favorites for the title.

However, the first matches of tournament ruined those predictions. Grajki Team Bialystok and Colbico Krosno were eliminated in the group stage, and kPr Nysa lost their match in the first quarter final. Dzbany Lodz survived to semi-final stage, where they lost their match against Bad Boys Szcecin (3:5) and lost the bronze medal to The Cyborgs Ruda Slaska (2:4).

In the meantime, Bad Boys Szczecin were crushing their rivals one after another. They left the group stage with three wins and 21 goals scored and only 6 conceded. The most difficult match came in the quarter final, where they won with AC Hilda Chorzow after penalty shootout. Then, Bad Boys crushed Grajki Sieradz (8:4) and eliminated Dzbany Lodz.

Their final rival was Bestia Team Police, the team which they knew from their local league in Szczecin. Surprisingly, it was Bestia who first took the lead (2:0), but Bad Boys shocked them with two goals in the last minute of the match. After that, the team from Szczecin showed their nerves of steel again and won penalty shootout (4:3).

Jarosław Filiks (Bad Boys Szczecin), with an incredible 21 goals in 7 matches was the top scorer of the tournament.