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09 September 2015
Estonia Estonia    Latvia Latvia    Lithuania Lithuania   

The first tournament in the history of the Baltic countries ended of  Estonia victory!

5th September. Vilnius “Fanu Stadium” hosted the Baltic Nations CUP, in which first part competed the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian minifootball national teams.

The tournament began with the Estonian – Latvian duel. In the first minutes of the match, the Latvian team constantly attacked the Estonian goal, but ran wide. Estonians, Latvians did not breathe, but the Estonians attacked, hit. Yes, and it went after the first half Estonia’s lead, 2-0. In the second half, Latvians responded, but it was only a technicality, because Estonians again controlled the ball and the same match. The final score: Estonia 3-1 Latvia.

The second match was between the home Lithuania and neighboring Latvia teams. Lithuania began a very intense pressure Latvians, took the ball to himself and dominated the match until the first goal. Only a few seconds passed after the Latvians scored into the Lithuanian´s gates. It tied the score and both teams finished the first quarter with a draw. In the second part was a different story: the Latvians effectively used the Lithuanian left vacancies and gradually took control of the ball and the time. After three attacks went, scored the second goal into the Lithuanian’s gates. Later, by the end of the match, Lithuania had more chances, but could not hit them. The final score: Lithuania 1-2 Latvia.

A third and final match was held between Stanislovas Danisevičius´ Lithuanian-led teams and the guest Estonian team. Perhaps the most intense match in the tournament, which put six goals. From the very first moment Lithuania pressed the Estonians, Lithuanians, took the ball to himself, turned smartly. Estonian’s defense was very wide, because Lithuania was leading 1-0. A bit later, Estonians reacted, began to play short passing game and came close to the Lithuanian gate. According to the Estonian game, it was clear guessed that before the first quarter, they will score a goal. That was the end of the first half 1-1.

In the second half Lithuania and Estonia shared the ball: intensity on both sides. As well as shared and goals. Seen second half of football was good for the eyes, because both teams attacked well, the game was not rude, both had a lot of chances. Probably the final result showed the actual play. Lithuania mini football team left to the audience a very good impression and hope that during the European football championship take a little tight as possible. The final score of this match was 3-3, but it was for the Lithuanians than a victory.

This tournament has shown how working together can achieve subsequent minifootball promotion in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After the tournament, organizers talked about next year’s enlargement, inviting to play together the other Baltic sea countries – Poland, Germany, Russia and Scandinavian national teams.