BAMF starts its own channel on TV cable operator

In the last 10 days the Bulgarian Association Minifootball 2012 opened two new centers – cities of Veliko Tarnovo and Dupnica and in this way BAMF keeps its plan to open new centers every month.

Another 3 matches have been played in the Bulgarian Minifootball Champions League. It seems pretty sure that the Association will have its own channel (from 07.05.2012) in the network of one of the national cable operators and this will be main and important step in the actual development of minifootball in Bulgaria.

Here is one of the matches which was played in BAMF IT championship just few days ago!

Also last week the biggest tournament in Sofia – BAMF 2012 CUP – started successfully with over 200 teams.

Bulgarian Association of Minifootball 2012 started the process of selecting of players for its representative team for European minifootball championship in Moldova where we hope to have better results than last championship in Romania.