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Boys Become Men With Thrilling Challenge Libertadores Cup

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24 April 2014

The final big match of Time Out ‘s C8 Libertadores Cup 2014 sees in front of the AS Boys Romania , in the yellow jersey edged with red , Barca and Real , the national winner of Pesaro , 2013, in white uniforms

The Boys are tight in defence, and do not allow Real glimmers, and they seem cohesive and compact in midfield. They get kick from the edge, but shoot high. The first phase of the big match thus appears balanced, with both contenders in the field and well-disposed careful not to concede. Sturzu puts on a show when he bursts out of the area with an interception. Ungureanu is impeccable in his reading of the game, while within the ranks of the Real stands the indomitable Beppe Messineo , who manages to hold off three opponents, with his power, but shoots high and the usually deadly striker cannot repress a shudder of anger.

Real are looking for long range attacks before looking to shoot at point blank range , the Boys contend with lightning counterattacks, almost always orchestrated by Ungureanu as the side look in great shape . The golden goal comes in the middle of the Boys pressure. Beginning with an assist from the right wing, depositing the ball on the foot of Coroama that, just a few steps away from the goalkeeper, he keeps his cool and slots home:

This provokes a furious reaction from Real, Beppe Messineo launches a volley from outside the box and the first time shot thuds against the crossbar. Shortly after Ionut Ionescu , the goalkeeper of the Boys is needed to foil a stab with a sudden leap edge of the pole of action from a corner. Beppe Messineo continues to trouble the defense of the Boys , dribbling in tight spaces with touches of ball juggling: when it drops yet another bomb on punishment, is the barrier to argue . On the opposite side , David Menegon towers with high balls into the box with a powerful header .

Sturzu should make it two, after seizing on a defensive error, then Beppe Messineo at full throttle starts a whack dry from outside the area,  but again this is intercepted by a defender. The last two minutes of the match are incandescent in their excitement: Beppe Messineo tries again even by half, but Menegon Ungureanu and are relentless in repelling them time and again.

Despite the fact that Real began to tire, the Boys greet the final whistle with a big sigh of relief. They won a thrilling challenge , and the team manager Sorin Lazar lever up exultant Cup , among the festive choral singing of beautiful and funny supporters of the Boys Romania