Brand New Name On The Greek Championship

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13 June 2016
Greece Greece   

The season has just  finished for the Greek Minifootball Championship and the crown travelled this year to Thessaloniki.

Sykies FC is the new National Champion team and celebrates a big victory against the favourite of the finals, Amigos FC from Athens (three times Champions and twice a finalist). The two biggest Greek cities were represented to the Final and the spectators had the opportunity to attend a high level match with a lot of pressure, energy, nice Minifootball, ref complaints and fantastic flow: Until the last minute of the match, Amigos were ahead with 2-1 when a strict but correct penalty was given to Sykies FC.

The kick was converted and the score of 2-2 brought the match to the extra time and during the five minutes of the extra time the team from Thessaloniki was better and won 4-2.

Both teams, Sykies FC and Amigos will travel to Slovenia in late September for the EMF Champions League as winners of the Greek League and they hope to make a great tournament there. It worth mentioning that two players of the National Team were among the best players of the match.

The pair,  Andreas Drenova (Amigos), the captain of the Greek National Team and young player, Mimis Gkialis (Sykies FC). Gkialis was invited last year for the first time and is re-invited this year. The coach of the National Team Apostolis Gkaifyllias and the technical director Stamatis Argyris invited for first time also his teammate Nikos Vasaitis from Sykies among 17 players in total who will train for about 10 days in Athens. After this period the final selection of 12 players will be made.

This training session for the National team will take place on June 19-29 and the players that are invited are the following:

Paschalis Xanthos, London (Individuals) – GK

Giorgos Chatziminas, Heraklion (Ajax Crete) – GK

Dimitris Karavidas, Athens (Kostakides)

Chrysanthos Lefkaritis, Thessaloniki (Zidros FC)

Andreas Drenova, Athens (Amigos)

Rafail Taramas, Thessaloniki (Rossoneri)

Sakis Tzanetos, Athens (Kostakides)

Mimis Gkialis, Thessaloniki (Sykies FC)

Vaggelis Gkiatis, Athens (Adistaktoi)

Giorgos Konstantagas, Thessaloniki (Rossoneri)

Giorgos Fragkiadakis, Heraklion (Barcelioma)

Andreas Mantis, Athens (El Pozo Murcia)

Michalis Kefakis, Rethymno (Align)

Dimitris Mpirmpilis, Athens (Kostakides)

Nikos Vasaitis, Thessaloniki (Sykies FC)

Christos Ntoumos, Athens (Amigos)

Alexandros Mpatis, Athens (Adistaktoi)