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Bulgaria Celebrates A Magnificent Year For Minifootball

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17 January 2014

A few days ago in a special ceremony the Bulgarian Association Minifootball nominated the best player and best manager in Sofia for 2013.

The captains of more than 60 teams from Premier Leagues in Sofia voted for the year award given by BAMF.

Dobromir Abadzhiev(Hashove), Hristo Unchev (Sinite), Alexander Zhivkov (HP), Pavel Stavrev(Chichovci) and Martin Markov(Rapido Antilopite) were shortlist for the 2013 best player award.

The award was won by Alexander Zhivkov who become the top goalscorer in IT Championship and helped his team Hewlett-Packard to won the title for third consecutive year.








In the competition for best manager Desislav Nankov(Bulgari Ataka), Stoil Sokolov(Villa Mark), Nikolay Raytchev(Rapido Antilopite), Rumi Blagoev(Chichovci) and Iliyan Alexandrov(HP) were the shortlisted candidates.

For best manager of 2013 was nominated Rumi Blagoev who’s team Chichovci won the title in the English Sunday League and also the Verso Travel Cup, organized by BAMF.

The ceremony was broadcast live by BLIZOO TV channel.