“Let’s go there, let’s win the trophy and bring it home to Bulgaria!”

Minifootball clubs are usually founded by people with huge passion of the sport. And some times, the founders are also players of the team, at least for as long as they can do it! Dinko Dinev is a great example of this case, being the President, the Manager and player of the top minifootball team […] Wednesday 14 September 2016 09:21

Main goal in ECL? To represent our country…

Bulgaria is one of the Balkan countries that minifootball is number one sport and it is not strange that the country is represented in the EMF Champions League with 8 teams. Atanas Konstantinov Hristov, 26 years old talked to our Media Team about the plans of the Gold Ins. – How is the preparation going? What […] Saturday 10 September 2016 09:10

Bulgaria Name Their Squad

The coach of Bulgarian minifootball national team Stoil Fartsov announced the final list of players for miniEURO 2015. Big part of the players are from the champion team Levski(Patalenitsa), but there are also players from teams in other cities like Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik. Players and equipment of national minifootball team were presented in a special […] Thursday 17 September 2015 14:49

New Bulgarian Football Champion Crowned

Between 24th and 26th of July the Bulgarian Association Minifootball performed the Final Four stage of the national championship for 2015. Host of the event was the sport complex “Kamchiya” which provides unique combination of green forests and golden sands in one of most beautiful parts of the Black Sea coast. Six months of tough […] Monday 24 August 2015 10:15

We Want To Qualify – Bulgaria

Ivaylo Bogdanov is one of the team dealing International Relations at Bulgarian Association Minifootball. Here, in his interview, he outlines the preparation of Bulgaria for miniEURO 2015 and talks about the expectations about the biggest European minifootball event. Q: What are your memories of the European Minifootball? The first miniEURO I visited was in 2012 […] Monday 13 July 2015 12:51

Final Four In Championship Finds A New Home

New venue has been selected for the finals of this year national championship, organized by Bulgarian Association Minifootball. The sport complex “Kamchiya” is located in 25 km from the sea capital Varna in one of most beautiful parts of the Black Sea side and provides unique combination of green forest and golden sands. The wide […] Tuesday 09 June 2015 10:41

Bulgaria Enters It’s Final Stages

The biggest BAMF minifootball tournament in Bulgaria are hotting up and national championship is entering its final stage. 32 teams qualified for the 3rd round. Until the end of June in a knock out stages will be determined the final four teams that will have a change to become the new minifootball champion of Bulgaria. […] Monday 11 May 2015 08:26
vereya_team emf

AFC Vereya 1995 Is The New Winner In League Bulgaria

In September Bulgarian Association Minifootball organised the final round of League Bulgaria – the second national minifootball tournament. In this tournament participates the teams finished on second and third place in the local championship in their city. After six months of tight games between 60 teams from 20 different cities only four teams battled through […] Friday 03 October 2014 13:38

Bulgaria Has Its Minifootball Champion For 2014

In the middle of September Bulgarian Association Minifootball organized the final round of the national minifootball championship. After six months of tight games between 50 champion teams from 40 different cities only four teams battled through to a place to the Final stage. The final four event took place in the Sunny Beach resort on […] Tuesday 23 September 2014 16:32

Bulgaria Celebrates A Magnificent Year For Minifootball

A few days ago in a special ceremony the Bulgarian Association Minifootball nominated the best player and best manager in Sofia for 2013. The captains of more than 60 teams from Premier Leagues in Sofia voted for the year award given by BAMF. Dobromir Abadzhiev(Hashove), Hristo Unchev (Sinite), Alexander Zhivkov (HP), Pavel Stavrev(Chichovci) and Martin […] Friday 17 January 2014 10:51