Bulgarian minifootball after miniEURO 2012

One month after the final of the miniEURO 2012 in Moldova the discussions about the performance of the Bulgarian team are still going on. In fact, qualifying for the 1/4 final is a big step forward compared to the participation of the Bulgarian team in the miniEURO 2011 in Romania.

The Bulgarian team missed the opportunity to go to the semifinal after their lead with 1:0 on the half time against the strong team of the Czech Republic. The management of the Bulgarian Association Minifootball (BAMF) is confident that next year the team will be better prepared and will again demonstrate a good performance. It was exciting to build friendships with members of other European countries and exchange ideas about the development of the minifootball game.

In Bulgaria most of the tournaments organized by BAMF are going to the final stage. The BAMF Cup 2012 started with more than 200 teams from Sofia, but now only the top 8 teams have qualified for the 1/4 finals, which will be played on October 26th. The winner team will have the opportunity to play in the League Bulgaria Competition next year, where it will meet the vice champions and bronze medalists from competitions in different Bulgarian cities. On the other hand, champions from different cities will participate in the Bulgarian Champions League next year.

Currently, BAMF organize tournaments in 22 cities and we expect the number to grow to 30 by next year. There are more than 400 minifootball teams participating in the BAMF tournaments. They play at least one game per week during the regular season.

In October, BAMF started the LEGEA CUP 2012 Competition in Sofia. More than 100 teams from the second division of the Saturday League, the Sunday League and the IT Championship will take part in it.

Memorable moments, passion and good spirit will be a part of the BAMF Competitions until the middle of December, when we will know the new champions in most of the tournaments.