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29 August 2012

Germany: Underdog or more?

Three weeks ago “Das Weiße Ballett” found their way into history: After 2008 and 2010 the team in the white colors won the biggest Uni-League in Germany for the third time. There is no other team in Goettingen which had this success before. Now they want to continue the story. Captain Marc Mueller’s team starts […] Wednesday 29 August 2012 21:17
27 July 2012

Minifootball Montenegro is ready for miniEURO

New elected national minifootball coach Darko Mugoša had hard work to choose the best 16 from a list of 25 players. Reunion of the representation is scheduled for the 20th of August, when it is planned to start preparation to determine list of participants for miniEURO. Montenegrin delegation is going to travel on the 19th […] Friday 27 July 2012 02:03
17 July 2012
13 June 2012


Yesterday, the European Minifootball Federation officially presented at a press conference held in Chisinau the system of the organization of miniEURO MOLDOVA 2012. The most important event for the minifootball players across Europe will be organized in Chisinau between September 20th – 23rd. In the third edition of the European minifootball championship 16 European teams […] Wednesday 13 June 2012 22:04
21 May 2012

EU institutions fight against doping in recreational sport

The Council of the European Union encourages member states to place more emphasis on the fight against doping in the recreational sports sector. The Council adopted conclusions on combating doping in recreational sport, with a view to raising awareness and defining a common framework on this matter, as well as to identifying best practices. The […] Monday 21 May 2012 21:26

The Founding of the European Minifootball Federation

In 2012, between March 23rd-25th, 15 presidents of national minifootball associations participated in the Prague Meeting for the founding of the European Minifootball Federation (EMF). EMF, as the minifootball governing body at European level, has the purpose to promote, supervise and develop minifootball in Europe. The term minifootball refers to small sided football open only […] Monday 26 March 2012 00:29
07 Novemeber 2011

It was an incredible European minifootball final

Romanian national team won, for the second time in the row, the European minifootball title. In the final match of the three day international tournament held in Tulcea, the Czech Republic representative got very close to winning their first European title, only to lose on penalty kicks, 1-2 (3-3 after regular playing time). The game […] Monday 07 November 2011 00:28
06 Novemeber 2011

Important steps ahead:A European Federation

The second European Minifootball Championship, which was hosted this year by Romania, provided all the participating team leaders an excellent opportunity to discuss on the future of this sport and its European exposure. The participants in the Tulcea meeting agreed on several important issues, as described in this brief interview with Mr. RAZVAN BURLEANU, president […] Sunday 06 November 2011 00:18