18 September 2012

Draw for miniEURO 2012

The draw for the first ever miniEURO took place on Friday 14th of September and some thrilling matches in store are promised in store! Host nation Moldova will take on Slovakia, Germany and Slovenia in Group A for a place in the quarter finals, while Group B sees Romania, Cyprus, Israel and Croatia battle it […] Tuesday 18 September 2012 22:38
17 September 2012

The final list of players!

The coach Darko Mugoša has determined the final list of players for the European miniEuro in Moldova (Chishinau, from 20th to 23th of September). On the list are: Goalkeepers Bozović Nikola Mirotić Dejan Players Čolaković Marko Stamatović Ognjen Zarubica Nikola Barović Savo Mrdjenović Zeljko Kukoljac Miodrag Drobnjak Goran Vuković Danilo Milošević Vladimir Škara Marko The […] Monday 17 September 2012 22:37
15 September 2012

The ENGLAND Team: Planning to WIN the miniEURO!

This is the England team that is aiming to win the miniEURO next week! The team, led by Manager Chris McKintosh, is heading into the tournament in a confident mood and says UK Minifootball Director of Communications Philip Stevens, they have high hopes of winning. “I met with the team last week and they were […] Saturday 15 September 2012 21:53
14 September 2012

Draw for miniEURO Moldova 2012

Today the Moldovian capital of Chisinau was the host city for the draw for the first ever miniEURO tournament, a three day event, kicking off on the 21st of September, which will see the national teams of no fewer than 16 Countries battle it out to see who will become the kings of European minifootball. […] Friday 14 September 2012 21:47
12 September 2012

The first ever miniEURO is set to begin!

After the success of Euro 2012 and the London Olympics, the year of sport will reach a thrilling and fitting conclusion next week as a brand new era in small sided football begins. The Moldovian capital of Chisinau is the host city for the first ever miniEURO tournament, a three day event, kicking off on […] Wednesday 12 September 2012 21:46
11 September 2012

The players of the Greek and the Cypriot delegation

The Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association announced the names of the players who will represent the 2 countries in the miniEURO 2012 in Moldova. The 2 national teams are prepearing hard during this period of time and both want to succeed something really good for their countries and for their national championships (Ν’JOY UNI-League in […] Tuesday 11 September 2012 21:45
10 September 2012

Montenegro is already ready for miniEURO!

Sixteen guys in red equipment under the watchful eye of coach Darko Mugosa, improve tactical technical ideas at the European Championships in Chisinau. The coach has not yet determined the 12 best players; he will do it before their trip to Moldova to be sure that the 12 fittest and healthiest will go. We also […] Monday 10 September 2012 21:44
03 September 2012

Italia is preparing the National Team

The final phase of Italian Soccer League National Championship in Vis Pesaro Stadium (1-3th June 2012) offered a variety of emotions to the public: the winner was Piemonte, after a match with palpitation against the Liguria team. It′s a considerable pleasure for our association to remember the path that the Guarnieri team took, Piemonte′s standard […] Monday 03 September 2012 21:38
29 August 2012

Germany: Underdog or more?

Three weeks ago “Das Weiße Ballett” found their way into history: After 2008 and 2010 the team in the white colors won the biggest Uni-League in Germany for the third time. There is no other team in Goettingen which had this success before. Now they want to continue the story. Captain Marc Mueller’s team starts […] Wednesday 29 August 2012 21:17
27 July 2012

Minifootball Montenegro is ready for miniEURO

New elected national minifootball coach Darko Mugoša had hard work to choose the best 16 from a list of 25 players. Reunion of the representation is scheduled for the 20th of August, when it is planned to start preparation to determine list of participants for miniEURO. Montenegrin delegation is going to travel on the 19th […] Friday 27 July 2012 02:03