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19 December 2012

Presenting Minifootball in Sweden

Korpen is proud to be member of the EMF. In Sweden, Korpen is the national minifootball Association and it organizes “sport for all” since 1912; today it works as a federation with almost 370 local associations. These local associations organize different kinds of team sports and individual sports, however, minifootball and especially the 7- aside […] Wednesday 19 December 2012 15:45
18 December 2012

Santa takes a break…by playing minifootball!

At his busiest time of the year, you might expect Santa to have other things to do than play football, but minifootball players at one UKMA affiliated league got more than they bargained for as a whole team of them turned up. The festive squad played their game at a UKMA affiliated league in the […] Tuesday 18 December 2012 05:35
15 December 2012

UKMA Sponsored Tournament To Kick Off New Venue

A new venue opens in the North East of England early in the New Year – and is to celebrate by hosting a UKMA affiliated tournament. The venue, in Hartlepool, features a state-of-the-art 3g Astroturf and it will be officially opened on 13th January with a grand 5 a side tournament, which UKMA is proud […] Saturday 15 December 2012 05:34
10 December 2012

Referee Awarded A Trophy …by The Players!

Everyone knows how tough a job being a referee is. No game of football – either 11 a side or minifootball – could take place without them, but they are often criticized and seldom loved. Well, the tables were turned this week as the players in one UK Minifootball League presented the referee with a […] Monday 10 December 2012 05:32
06 December 2012

New plans in Greece by the GCMFA

The Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association has already announced its plans for further development of the structures of the sport in the two countries. The new website of the Association will be online in less than 20 days and a network of more than 80 sport facilities will be the new reality in Greece. Something […] Thursday 06 December 2012 05:31
04 December 2012

Experience beats youth as golden oldies triumph

Experience beat youth in a UK Minifootball league this week, as perhaps the oldest team in the country took the prize. The Golden Oldies team, from Wirral on Merseyside beat off their youthful opponents and received their trophies. The experienced footballers, who have more than 100 years football experience behind them, proved that whilst the […] Tuesday 04 December 2012 05:30
30 November 2012

The smallest village in the country to host minifootball

Ten teams were playing in a UKMA league in West Wales on Thursday night, just the same as they have done for the last five years. UKMA has 100,000 players so ten teams isn’t at first remarkable, but this 10 team league takes plays in a remote village with a population of just 400 people! […] Friday 30 November 2012 05:06
28 November 2012

The best four teams in the Czech Republic

We know the four teams advancing to the Final Four of the Czech Republic Minifootball Championship, which will take place on the 19th of January 2013 in Nymburk On Saturday, November 24th 2012 semifinal qualifications to advance to the Final Four of Minifootball Championship 2013 were played in Brno and Prague. Now we know the […] Wednesday 28 November 2012 05:05
27 November 2012

Even the worst floods for decades cannot stop minifootball

With much of the UK being hit by severe weather and large parts of the England and Wales under water as the worst storms for decades batter the area, people could be forgiven for having more than minifootball on their minds. However, the sport proved to be something that not even the weather could stop […] Tuesday 27 November 2012 05:04
26 November 2012

Former Minister Karoly Borbely scoring the first goals

As everybody already knows, minifootball is a sport for all of us. Everyone who has a jersey can become minifootball player or even coach or manager. Minifootball started to increase every day on a national level and to attract new followers, maybe also after the success of our national minifootball team which won the last […] Monday 26 November 2012 05:03