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07 October_2

CB TONCO first ever Croatian minifootball Champion

In the town of Sisak, on the field with artificial grass Zibel RC, in excellent minifootball ambiance, the first Croatian Minifootball Championship Final took place, which was attended by representatives of the five city-regions that participated the first Croatian Minifootball Championship: CB Corto-SOHO (ZAGREB), MNK NOVAKI 2 (MARUŠEVEC-VARAZDIN), CB Tončo STRIZIVOJNA (ĐAKOVO-Slavonia), AK CINDRIĆ (Sisak) […] Sunday 07 October 2012 21:50

UKMA referee partners announce autumn induction program

Referee Jobs, who are United Kingdom Minifootball’s referee recruitment partners, have announced a massive autumn induction program aimed at attracting new referees to the game. Referee Jobs are affiliated to UKMA and work closely in helping them recruiting and training referees throughout the UK and, according to their spokesman Stuart Dawson, they are planning a […] Thursday 04 October 2012 21:48

Three new minifootball leagues in the UK

With the excitement of miniEURO Moldova 2012 out of the way, it is back to normal for the United Kingdom Minifootball Association this week as they welcomed three new miniFootball leagues into their ranks. The leagues, in the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster, Middlesbrough in the North East and Slough in the Southern UK county […] Friday 28 September 2012 22:50
16 September 2012

HASHOVE is Bulgarian Minifootball Champion

Team HASHOVE is the new minifootball champion of Bulgaria after winning 1-0 the team BRIGADA in an impressive final game. In the Bulgarian Minifootball Championship League all champions from the minifootball leagues in Bulgaria took part in a double round-robbin system.   The match was played on 13th September at Sports Zone in full stadium. […] Sunday 16 September 2012 22:34
09 September 2012

City of Sisak is chosen to host the finals

At Friday′s meeting of the Commission for Tournaments of the Association Minifootball Croatia, the decision was made about the host city of the premier Croatian minifootball Championship finals. The decision about the Croatian champion in minifootball will be made on Saturday 29th September, and the Commission for Tournaments of Association Minifootball Croatia nominated City of […] Sunday 09 September 2012 21:42

The greatest Game of my life says minifootball captain

The captain of the team that played a minifootball game against Olympic stars, Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir has told UKMA that the match was “the greatest of my life.” Michael Scannell, who has been skipper of The Underdogs for a couple of years, was amongst the lucky players who lined up against […] Friday 07 September 2012 21:41
05 September 2012

Cypriot market supports the sponsors who support sports!

In sports marketing it is always said that the sponsors play the most important role in the prosperity of the world of sports. Of course football and minifootball are very strongly connected to this idea, because these are the most popular sports in the world and when a sport is popular, it always attracts great […] Wednesday 05 September 2012 21:40

Ref speaks of shock as Usain Bolt asks to play

The man who refereed the game of minifootball that saw Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir swap sports has spoken of his “shock” when the sprint legends asked to play. Chris Hope, one of UKMA’s referees in Uxbridge, Middlesex admitted he could barely believe his eyes last week when the double Olympic Champion Bolt, […] Tuesday 04 September 2012 21:39

Romanian Minifootball Super Cup

Romanian Minifootball Federation will organize in September the highly expected event for national minifootball. Between 14th-15th September Iași city will host the second edition of the Romanian Minifootball Super Cup. The winner of the National Championship, Aldoor Magic Driver Iași, will play against the winner of the Romanian Minifootball Cup, Juventus Sibiu. Last year Consiliul […] Thursday 30 August 2012 21:17
28 August 2012

Why do Cypriots love minifootball?

It is that minifootball is the most popular sport for amateurs in the world and of course it is 100% true. It is also true that the countries that love football, are the countries which love minifootball too and when a country has some special reasons that make football more and more popular, then it […] Tuesday 28 August 2012 21:16