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Schedule of miniEURO 2013

The European Minifootball Federation presents the schedule of matches of minEURO GREECE 2013. The Opening Ceremony will take place in October 10th, at 20:00 and the 1st game of the tournament is the big derby between Greece and Turkey, at 21:00. The timetable is presented below. NOTE:The time presented below is based on Greek time […] Friday 30 August 2013 15:53

Greek National Tourism Organisation supports miniEURO 2013

The miniEURO GREECE 2013 will take place under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation which always supports sports tourism activities and of course big events that are held in Greece and promote the image of the country abroad. Established in 1950, the Greek National Tourism Organisation has ever since had the leading part in […] Wednesday 14 August 2013 10:03

Rapido Antilopite Winners Again In Bulgaria

Last week in Sofia, the Capital Amateur League, organized by Bulgarian Association Minifootball, came to a close. And the title stayed in the same hands as last season, as Rapido Antilopite successfully defended their title In total 52 teams took part of this years championship. They were divided in Errea Premier League, League One London […] Saturday 20 July 2013 09:54

EMF Speaks to Top Croatian Star

Last week, we brought you all the news from the Zagreb Minifootball Championships, which saw Maredo Grill cook up a stunning victory. This time around we speak exclusively to one of their star players, Jurica Mihovec to get his views on the way things turned out and also his wider opinions on minifootball in Croatia. Jurica, […] Thursday 04 July 2013 09:28

The final roster of the Greek National Team

The trials of the Greek National Team took place during the last weekend as they was scheduled. The coach of the team, Apostolis Gkaifilias took the opportunity to check his players and their physical condition before taking the vital decision of which of them are closer to his plans and to the playing style that […] Thursday 20 June 2013 23:49

Important TV agreement for miniEURO 2013

An agreement of great importance was reached last Friday regarding the upcoming miniEURO in GREECE. EMF Marketing Director Thanos Papadopoulos and GCMFA operations manager Stratis Sipetzis had an important meeting with the Minister of Press and Media of Greece, Mr. Simos Kedikoglou and MP representing Rethymno city Mr. Kefalogiannis Giannis. The 4 men concluded that […] Sunday 21 April 2013 07:04

miniEURO 2013…. Welcome to Greece!

The European Minifootball Federation is delighted to announce that the hosting country for the miniEURO 2013 is GREECE! The European championship will take place in Rethymno city, on the island of Crete from October 10th to 14th. The EMF Εxecutive Committee decided on the matter on April 5th in Birmingham, as scheduled but today we […] Wednesday 10 April 2013 21:51

Ready For MiniEURO! Turkey Makes Claim After National Finals

The Turkish Minifootball League (iddaa Rakipbul League) 2012 Finals, took place in Antalya last weekend. The meeting of the 11 city champions was amazing. İzmir, the Egean city won the trophy and they had some words for their European rivals: “We are ready for miniEuro 2013!” In 11-13 January, the best 11 Minifootball teams of […] Wednesday 06 February 2013 13:00
01 January 2013

New era for the EMF!

2013 has just begun and the EMF has welcomed the New Year in the best possible way: The new website of the Federation is up and running! It offers incredible possibilities for communication and information to the thousands of minifootball players, fans of the sport and to the National Associations of the member states. Rich in […] Tuesday 01 January 2013 05:40
19 December 2012

Minifootball appreciated at European level

Some days ago in Amsterdam one of the most important conferences for the football development at the international level was organized, The International Football Development. European Minifootball Federation was represented by Razvan Burleanu, the president of the continental minifootball body. Razvan Burleanu was invited to speak about the minifootball development in Europe, minifootball characteristics, but […] Wednesday 19 December 2012 05:36