Champions League news

Aramis SE, the first Champions

Golden night for Aramis SE-Mad Dogs

Tonight Hungarian Aramis Se-Mad Dogs were crowned minifootball King of Europe after they beat Juventus Sibiu 3:2 on penalties – after a 1:1 draw – in Maribor, in the final of the first EMF Champions League. Before the final, in the ‘small final’ for the third place two Romanian teams, MAV Continental and FC Boromir, […] Sunday 25 September 2016 18:30

Champions League final is set: Aramis SE-Mad Dogs – Juventus Sibiu

In the first match of the semifinals, Aramis SE-Mad Dogs faced FC Boromir Sunday afternoon. Both teams started in a positive manner, but it was Hungary’s Aramis who grabbed the lead in the 9th minute. After the goal, the teams played a well-balanced first half with both teams having a handful of chances. Aramis kept […] Sunday 25 September 2016 13:09

Aramis face FC Boromir, MAV Continental play Juventus Sibiu in the semifinals

The final day of the EMF Champions League started with the quarterfinals. On one of the pitches, NK Kapela faced FC Boromir in front of their loyal fans. The local team started on the front foot, but FC Boromir had several dangerous, clear-cut chances during the first 10 minutes of the opening half. Only the […] Sunday 25 September 2016 09:47

Exciting games to look forward to tomorrow morning

At half past 5, the last 16 teams of the EMF Champions League took the fields to compete for the right to be named as one of the best 8 minifooball clubs in Europe. The stakes were high, all the teams started their respective matches on a serious note. At the end of the day, […] Saturday 24 September 2016 16:55

The best 16 teams are set

The Round of 32’s next match saw MAV Continental taking on the Czech Republic’s Gamblers Most. Gamblers Most opened the scoring in the 7th minute, but with scoring twice during the second half of the match, MAV Continental secured the final 2:1 result. Lunar Gato of Bosnia & Herzegovina were knocked out of the EMF […] Saturday 24 September 2016 15:33

Champions League’s best 16 is taking shape

The day continued with the penalty shootouts. After winning their respective shootouts, FC Bolzing and Ostravský Zábřeh proceed to the next round of the tournament. Next, FC Bolzing were facing Florgrade / R STAR of Portugal in the first knockout match, while SB Sabornog played Standart of Kazakhstan. Both matches finished with penalty shootouts once […] Saturday 24 September 2016 14:07

Group stage of the first ever Champions League came to an end

In the second half of Saturday morning, Hungary’s Szigetszentmiklós beat Veni Vidi Vici 5:2 in Group A, while NK Kapela Ekosen played Deltum Burgas of Bulgaria in Group B. The Slovenian team topped their group after the 4:3 victory. Meanwhile, Deltum Burgas and Bolzing FC will have to compete in a penalty shootout, in the […] Saturday 24 September 2016 10:31

EMF Champions League Day 2 started

The second morning of the EMF Champions League saw 22 teams taking the fields of Playgreen Maribor Pohorje. All groups have now entered into the last round of the group stage. At 9 o’clock Slovenian Siskarji took the field against Golden Boys Bacau. The latter highly dominated the game and came out of the clash […] Saturday 24 September 2016 08:57

Closing matches of Champions League Day 1

During the last hours of the first day, several teams strengthened their position in their respective groups by winning twice on the day. Romania’s Juventus Sibiu defeated Team Panto Group with a record 14:0 win in Group K. Meanwhile in the same group, Hungary’s Aramis SE Mad-Dogs faced Klub Mladih Odranci in their second match […] Friday 23 September 2016 15:22

Second round of group stage starts in Maribor

Luna Gato faced Ostravský Zábřeh in Group E. After a 1:1 draw in the second round of the group stage, now both teams are on top of their group with four points each. “We are satisfied with the draw. The Czech team were physically more prepared and they also have fans here. Tomorrow we’ll have […] Friday 23 September 2016 13:48