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CB TONCO first ever Croatian minifootball Champion

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07 October 2012
Croatia Croatia   

In the town of Sisak, on the field with artificial grass Zibel RC, in excellent minifootball ambiance, the first Croatian Minifootball Championship Final took place, which was attended by representatives of the five city-regions that participated the first Croatian Minifootball Championship: CB Corto-SOHO (ZAGREB), MNK NOVAKI 2 (MARUŠEVEC-VARAZDIN), CB Tončo STRIZIVOJNA (ĐAKOVO-Slavonia), AK CINDRIĆ (Sisak) and PODRAVSKO SUNCE (KOPRIVNICA).
Teams were first played in groups, and the first game was played between the hosts AK Cindric and CB TONČO from STRIZIVOJNA (representative of region Slavonia – Đakovo). After the games played in groups we got the first Croatian Minifootball Championship finalists, MNK NOVAKI 2 and CB Tončo. In the great final match team CB TONČO score four goals for the big win, with an excellent game of Marijan UDOVČIĆ great defense and goalie Josip Sudić. Congratulations to the first Croatian champions.

Best player of the Final day named Tomislav Camber (Croatian national team player) from the winning team CB Tončo.
MNK NOVAKI 2 – CB TONČO STRIZIVOJNA 1-4 (M.Martinčević; Udovčić2, Degmečić, Vragolović)

″After completing Championships in all the cities of Croatian Championship participants, preparation of national team, and in the end participation on miniEURO in Moldova, from which we come back with a good result, we had the first Croatian Championship here in Sisak and hereby wish to congratulate Mr. Marko Loncar and Ivo Šimac for a well organized Croatian Championship. Totally deserved Championship title goes to STRIZIVOJNA and CB TONČO congratulations on an excellent game throughout this day, especially in the final game. Sure, and the cast of MNK Novaki 2 all the praise for the good game and congratulations to the winner of 2nd place. Gratitude to all the teams on arrival, as well as all regional organizers for a well done job. Thank them for recognizing this project. From this year, we go further, with even more participating cities, and we′ll do our best to be from year to year, more numerous″, said the president of the Association Minifootball Croatia Bruno Alpeza after the final match.

Since autumn 2012.Croatian Minifootball Championship will be played in Sisak, Lepoglava, Koprivnica, Ivanec, Marusevec, Varazdin, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb and there are indications that more cities will be included within next few months and will soon cover the whole of Croatia. Definitely a welcome step, to make possible to recreational players appearance in the official competition and the opportunity to be part of the national team and to feel the spirit of representing their country on big competition and to perform under national team mamager Josip Simic. In any case, next year we will see even more exciting closing stages with an even larger number of participants and excellent minifootball.