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Champions League Is Go!

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24 June 2016

The EMF is delighted to announce the first ever Minifootball Champions league.

In 2016 the event will take place in September 23rd – 25th, in, Maribor, Slovenia.

The exact structure will be defined after we finalize the number of participating teams.

The teams will play firstly in groups of four teams and at least two of them will qualify at the next round, of knockouts), with participants made up of national champions and teams who are selected to compete as the top European minifootball clubs without the strict rule of being Champions or in general among the first 3-4 positions of the National Championships – known as “contract” teams.

The winning teams have advantage towards the contract teams, since they take the 1st pot of the draw they take also the first positions of the 2nd pot too.

In 2016,the National Teams ranking will be used and the EMF will announce soon the system for the pots of 1st year.

There will be much more information about the tournament in the coming weeks.