Christmas Match Provides Festivities In Slovakia

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11 December 2015

The match between the teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia  U21′s will take place December 19th 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Just few days before Christmas the spectators will have a chance to watch the now traditional derby between Slovak and Czech teams. It is going to be the second match in their history. The very first one was held in August 23rd 2015 in Prague and the Czech team won 5:2.

“ I would like to thank to Czech colleagues for the great match. I hope that we will play more matches in the future.”  said Michal Uhliarik,  the captain of Slovak nation team who was not very happy with the result.

And here it is – just 4 months later Slovak team will play at home and will have a great chance for revenge. More players from Slovakia will get the opportunity to be in the squad and they will fight very hard, so the match can be completely different.

The one thing is  for sure: There is going to be a great match in Bratislava, just before Christmas! So who will get the present?