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City of Sisak is chosen to host the finals

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09 September 2012
Croatia Croatia   
09 September 2012

At Friday′s meeting of the Commission for Tournaments of the Association Minifootball Croatia, the decision was made about the host city of the premier Croatian minifootball Championship finals.
The decision about the Croatian champion in minifootball will be made on Saturday 29th September, and the Commission for Tournaments of Association Minifootball Croatia nominated City of Sisak to be the host of this event, which will ″break the ice″ in organizing such events.
Six teams that qualified for the final tournament through regional competitions, will participate in the finals, and all games will be held on the field which is located in the Recreation Center Zibel in Sisak.
The team CB Corto Soho will participate in the finals as a champion of Zagreb, team Ak Cindric as champions of host city Sisak, they will be joined by CB Tončo as champions of Slavonia, champions of northwestern region of Croatia team Podravsko Sunce and team Novaki 2, and team Split 2012 as champions of Split. Participants will be divided into two groups, and the group winners will each participate in the final match to decide who will win the title of First ever Croatian champion in minifootball.
″Firstly I would like to thank all the cities on the candidatures, and will immediately congratulate the city of Sisak on winning the opportunity to host the premiere edition of Croatian minifootball Championship. According to what can be seen in candidature, Sisak will set high standards for the next years, and all subsequent organizers will be difficult to surpass everything that organizers plan to do in Sisak. On the stands, that can accommodate up to 2.500 spectators, organizers expect at least 1.000 spectators, there will be master of ceremonies, all kind of contests for spectators, entertainment throughout the duration of the program and much more. For the players the organizers will prepare an excellent pitch (best artificial grass), excellent locker rooms, all to the highest standards,″ said the president of Association minifootball Croatia Bruno Alpeza.

Alpeza also pointed: ″I would like to point out that for the development of minifootball and recreational sports in Sisak, the persons responsible are Mr. Ivo Šimac , Director of Recreational Center Zibel, and his closest associate Mr. Marko Lončar, and they are also responsible for excellent organization of regional championships in Sisak. Their enthusiasm and ability settled Sisak on one of the leading places in Croatian minifootball map, on which there are currently 11 cities, however, we believe that this number will grow from year to year, and that minifootball will be played in every cities in Croatia.″
As an excellent introduction to the finals, Croatian national team will visit the city of Sisak on 16th September, and will play oppose the selection of Sisak in their last preparation game before going to miniEURO in Moldova. MiniEURO is highest event this year, that will take place in the Moldavian capital of Chisinau on 20 to 23 September.