Closing matches of Champions League Day 1

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23 September 2016

During the last hours of the first day, several teams strengthened their position in their respective groups by winning twice on the day.

Romania’s Juventus Sibiu defeated Team Panto Group with a record 14:0 win in Group K. Meanwhile in the same group, Hungary’s Aramis SE Mad-Dogs faced Klub Mladih Odranci in their second match of the day. Aramis had 6 points on their account as well after the 4:0 victory.

Group L’s Amigos MFC had also topped their group with 6 points after two matches. At their second game they overcame KCM 2000 Group Plovdiv, finishing the match with a 3:2 victory.

Restaurance U Pecků also secured 6 points in Group G, after a confident 7:0 win over Greece’s Align FC. MAV Continental joined the club of teams with 6 points out of two games too, as they defeated local ŠD Prežganje. Their final result was 7:1. In the same group, Neftokhimik Burgas also beat Spain’s Titiboys 3:1 securing two wins on the day.

Romania’s Golden Boys Bacau of Group Q faced SB Sabornog in their last match of day 1. By winning the clash 3:1, they are now topping their group with 6 points.

Tomorrow the EMF Champions League will continue with the final matches of the group stage. Tomorrow afternoon will see the games of the last 32, and later the last 16 teams.