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Croatia minifootball is growing…championship in Sisak started yesterday

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14 April 2012
Croatia Croatia   
14 April 2012

The competition in the capital city Zagreb is the largest in the country and the oldest; it was established in 2004. Since then, n this competition, originally named mnl extraliga, more than 250 teams and over 3.000 players, in over 20 championships participated until 2011. This years competition started in late March and already the teams are playing third and fourth round of the championship; the defending champion team is ČAROBNA FRULA that took their third consecutive title in a row this February…

“We started the season with two lost games, but as the competition was going further we went up in the form and in the last round we beat TRNAVA for the place in play-off, although we entered the play-offs with no points we were confident in our strength and beat all our opponents…it was the best feeling when we beat our old rivals SVAČKA, and faced TRNAVA in the finals. First game was tight but in the second we played the best we know and finally got our fifth title, the feeling was great. I can not wait for the Croatian Championship to start and we face the best teams from all Croatia”, said the title holder’s best player Tvrtko Mocibob.

In Zagreb’s championship we have two categories: seniors and juniors, a total of 64 teams and over 1.000 players.

Although not expected, the team SPEKTAR PUTOVANJA had a great first run, having returned to the championship after a three year break. In that period of time they did not play on this level at all, after three round they are first favorites for the this year´s title and for the trip to NATIONAL FINALS.

On this weekend, after Easter break, we await the biggest and the oldest derby in our championship; our OLD FRIENDS FIRM between teams SVAČKA – ČAROBNA FRULA which is more than a game, two teams that are old friends, many time team mates in the past, and the biggest rivals. This year they will play for the 20th time, a real jubilee of minifootball in Zagreb! We can´t wait for the game to start on Sunday at 22:40h.

While the competition in Zagreb is heated up already, championship in Sisak just started yesterday; in this city, 55 km southeast from capital Zagreb, championship will host 22 teams and more then 300 players.

All eager to participate in the NATIONAL CAHMPIONSHIP FINALS and try to be part of CROATIAN NATIONAL TEAM in miniEURO in Moldova…you can see the billboards at the entrance of the city which invite you to the minifootball championship, radio shows, real minifootball fever hit Sisak!

Rijeka will soon join them, the minifootball fever is spreading throughout Croatia…