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Former Croatian international footballer joins Minifootball family

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26 March 2017

Jerko Leko, former Coatian international football player has officially joined Minifootball club Dinamo Zagreb. The 36 year old midfielder retired from professional football at the end of last season after a successful career with 59 caps for Croatian national team and staring in top clubs such as Dinamo Zagreb, Dinamo Kiev and AS Monaco.

In Croatia, Leko’s transfer to Minifootball is expected to raise even more the sport’s media profile. The Zagreb championship will begin in mid April and Leko will try and help the club win the local title and go on to the national championship in September. The former international mught also wear the Croatian Minifootball team shirt in EMF EURO 2017 in Brno, Czech republic which would substantially increase Croatian interest in the event.













Jerko Leko signing with Minifootball club Dinamo Zagreb