New Season’s Kick Off In Cyprus

Cypriot minifootball has received  big boost in the past few years. Many more minifootball facilities are involved in 2016 and more players want to have the experience of playing their favourite sport under the official umbrella of the European Minifootball Federation. This year’s Championship has started with several separate tournaments around the island and the […] Monday 21 March 2016 10:19

New Plan For Cyprus

Following the great experience of miniEURO 2016, the organising committee of the Cypriot Minifootball League makes new plans for the development of the sport on the island. The two basic goals of the new strategy is the approach of new partners and sponsors and the increase of the number of players in the league. The […] Thursday 10 December 2015 09:15

Cyprus Name Their Provisional Squad!

Cyprus has named the men that will represent the country at miniEURO2015 Croatia. The Player coach, Costas Polyviou and Assistant Coach Christos Andreou have decided the 12 players that will travel to Vrsar   There is chance of 1 or 2 players more players being added,  depending on the needs of the team. The provisional […] Thursday 23 July 2015 09:10

Limassol Crowns It’s Victors

Limassol already has its first winner! At the Limassol regional  finals the team called Spartiates won the Tournament. They prevailed with a penalty shootout 1-0, after a goalless 0-0 draw, against Polemidia who didn’t lose until the penalties. Limassol is a tourist destination and the association look forward to building a football stadium near the […] Thursday 02 July 2015 09:03

All The Latest News From Cyprus

Cypriot Minifootball Association had some changes at the association this year. For the first time we have initiated in our leagues 6×6 and 7×7 with the official rules of European Minifootball Federation. Until now Cypriot Minifootball Association had 5×5, and the biggest numbers of our players were college students. From this year in order to […] Friday 22 May 2015 15:55

These are the 1st ever Cypriots who won the Panhellenic Trophy

Words cannot express what happened just a few days ago in the Panhellenic Finals.Only respect for the 1st team of Cyprus that manages to reach the top of the top. Katzouni, the champion team from Nicosia didn’t find many problems in Cyprus on its way to the national Trophy. The Final 4 of Cyprus was […] Monday 03 June 2013 14:34

The 3 most important days of the minifootball season in Greece

Even if the GCMFA is working hard for the upcoming miniEURO, to be hosted in Greece (specifically in Rethymno, Crete) and there are only 4 months to go for this big moment, the National Finals which were held some days ago in Athens, Agios Kosmas, were once again the top Minifootball event of the country […] Sunday 02 June 2013 18:30

One step forward for the Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association

The Greek & Cypriot Minifootball Association has realized one “digital step” towards its new strategy for the years 2013-2014. As it was mentioned in the past, the creation of an even bigger national plan for the development of minifootball in Greece and Cyprus is always the big target. The new website of the Association, […] Monday 11 March 2013 08:22

The future of Cypriot minifootball is being planned now!

Cypriot minifootball is soon going to change era and this is part of a broader plan of the GCMFA. In the middle of this week GCMFA is going to present its new website and head managers of the Cypriot part of the GCMFA are ready to follow the steps of the planned strategy. At least […] Sunday 17 February 2013 23:00

Searching for the best solution

It is not a secret that the Cypriot minifootball Championship has to find solutions in one of its most difficult periods in the last years. The problem is 100% financial, as the main sponsor of the Championship announced that due to the crisis, all its advertising activities are cancelled. This company is one of the […] Saturday 12 January 2013 13:18