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Czech Presidential Candidate Receives Minifootball Kit

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23 January 2013
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Czech Minifootball’s Filip Juda took a meeting with potential new president of the Czech republic which support minifootball and bring him a present –the kit  of Czech national minifootball team from miniEURO 2012. 

Filip Juda meets Mr. Milos Zeman

The Czech Republic is close to its elections. TheCzech population will decide who will be new president in second round from two candidates: Mr. Milos Zeman (SPOZ) and Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP09).President of Association of minifootball in the Czech republic and vice president of EMF, Mr. Filip Juda met this week one of this candidates, Mr. Milos Zeman and express him support from Association of minifootball in the Czech republic. Filip Juda spoke about novel of lottery law which supports finance for sport in the Czech Republic and to express agreement with election program of Milos Zeman, specifically to change election law to not vote persons through the politician sides, but only persons. And in second case determine law on income of persons (money and properties).

Filip Juda told: “Milos Zeman is closer for me especially for its election program and its express support of sport. I agree with many points of its program and see in him and his politician side better future, especially in opportunity to create space for new foreign investors which could come to Czech Republic and in social policy.”

Minifootball in the Czech Republic is the second biggest sport in the Czech Republic. Milos Zeman feels, that minifootball is good opportunity to promote his ideas address many potential voters before elections. Elections will take a date January 25th and 26th, 2013. Last actual preference is: Milos Zeman 54 %, Karel Schwarzenberg 46 %.