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Czech Squad For MiniEURO Chosen

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26 September 2013

The National team has finished a three weeks preparation for the upcoming miniEuro in Greece. The coaches tested 24 players, who all participated in a three-day training camp in Liberec where they played several friendly matches against local teams. The main aim of the camp was to get to know each other on the pitch. The results of the matches were not so important though the National team was quite successful and even defeated the Czech champion team from Chomutov.

The head coach Radek Pokorný and the general manager Luděk Zelenka (a former prolific goal scorer who played for various top Czech clubs during his career) had selected a team for a friendly match with Croatia, which was held on 21st September in Zagreb (you can read about this match in another article on this page), and finally made the nomination for Greece.

Goalkeepers: Michal Plochý (Chomutov) and Vlastimil Mičjan (Pardubice)

Defenders: Pavel Outrata and Rudolf Čampa (Brno), Petr Šmeral (Pardubice), Jan Vrátil (Most)

Forwards: Robin Demeter (Jihlava), David Haviar (Chomutov), Aleš Vlach, Michal Drábek and Jaromír Grim (Brno), Martin Lafek and Stanislav Bejda (Praha), Dominik Sedlář (Ostrava)

Czech TV spectators will be able to watch the match records from miniEuro on both Czech sport TV channels, because both TV crews will travel with the team. The National team certainly deserves such media attention because the Czech Republic is the second best team in Europe in the EMF rankings. Over the last three years they were always on medal positions in the European Championships. Everyone in the Czech Republic hopes that form continues – and perhaps the team can win the whole tournament!