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Dancing… in the rain!

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28 January 2013
Greece Greece   

As it is already known,  the Greek Organizing Committee has focused a lot on the development of minifootball among youth aged 18-26 through the participation of Universities and Colleges.

Even if we are in the middle of the winter exam period in all Universities of the country and many players are studying more than the usual (!!), the N’JOY UNI-League has not stopped the matches and this is an advantage for them because they have one more reason το be more powerful and energetic! The only serious problem during the last 2 weeks has been the weather , which was extremely rainy and many games were cancelled as some of the minifootball pitches were more like a pool than a minifootball pitch!

In season 2012-13, there is great difficulty in deciding which teams are favorites and which will participate in the finals. There are plenty of teams in all cities that show that they are capable to achieve this goal and only in the knock out games (playoff) will it be possible to see which of them will qualify in the National Finals. We have to note that the champion of each city qualifies plus some second and third teams of each city depending on the size of the championship of each city. So, it is reasonable that from Athens, Thessaloniki and Heracleion for example there are more teams that qualify than from other cities.

One of the important sponsors of the Championship in Greece is RED BULL. It is the 3rd year that the biggest company worldwide in the energy drinks sector supports minifootball in Greece through the N’JOY UNI-League. Usually, RED BULL supports extreme sport events and not mainstream events, however, minifootball is a sport that the company cares about and especially when there are reasons that show the important criteria that prove the high level of organization of a championship. During the Finals of each city and during the National Finals the company installs fridges were all players and match officials have the opportunity to enjoy sample products for free!  It is worth saying, that the players show their excitement towards some of the sponsors because they feel that these sponsors closer to them, and of course, RED BULL is included in this category.