DAY 1 – The start of EMF Champions League 2018

The first day of EMF Champions League started with 64 games where all teams of the 16 groups have played their first two rounds of matches. By the end of the day the best 32 to qualify to the next stage began to take shape.

Albania’s Prestige MFC was leading Group A confidently at the end of the day after scoring 10 times in two rounds. With only one games left against Isreal’s The Mexican, the Albanian team seemed to secure their place between the best 32.

In Group B three teams can still be excited about tomorrow’s third match, as Israel’s On Gal Hyundai, Hungary’s Fapuma FC and Bosnia Herzegovina’s Sokolovi Istocno Sarajevo still all have chances advancing to the next stage.

In Group D ECOS and Lomanose will play a match for the leading place of the group tomorrow morning, after both teams have finished today with 6 points, leaving Pechat Doner and FC Vivafarm with 0 points. In Group H English Westone3 and Czech BKMK Werbedesign will play tomorrow at 10 a.m. for the top place of the group and both teams closed the day with 6 points.

Both in Group F and G three teams are still in competition for the first and second place of their respective groups to qualify to next stage. These groups will play tomorrow at 10 a.m. and without doubt will bring great excitement to those watching from next to the fields or in front of the screens.

One of the most exciting and balanced groups is Group I where all four teams (Tanzmannschaft Bucuresti, Ironi Ben Dor, Hotel Sport and Karampana) have three points at the end of the day.

In Group K Romanian Juventus Sibiu who came fourth in last year’s competition confidently bagged 6 points from two games, just like their fellow countrymen Autovip Garden Simleu Silvaniei in Group J. By the end of the last match Hungarian Aramis SE – Mad Dogs – who last year was sent home by Juventus Sibiu after the last-32 stage – occupied their well-deserved place at top of Group L.

Tomorrow at 12 p.m. the match between Dinamo Zagreb and Kartal SE 5+1 will decide the fate of Group M’s top place. MAV Sport Timisoara confidently topped Group P with six points and are going to face Sunnyland in the last round who desperately need points to advance from the group.

Third round of the group stage will start tomorrow at 9 a.m.