Day 4 of Mini4EU – End of the Hungarian qualifiers

The Hungarian qualifiers have come to an end this evening, designating the best five teams to participate in next week’s Men Cities Cup. Hungarian teams coming from all corners of the country, representing cities, villages and districts, were placed in three categories by the local organisers.

On Saturday, 24 teams were drawn into six groups. At the end of the day, teams of Oroszlány and Vecsés reached the final and secured places for themselves in the Mini4EU Festival’s Men Cities Cup.

Winner of first day: Oroszlány

Runner-up of first day: Vecsés

On Sunday, twenty local U23 teams started the day competing against each other in four groups of five. The best two teams of the groups qualified into the quarter finals. Local team, Székesfehérvár Mancz János utca proved to be best of the Hungarian youth teams and were given the chance to proven themselves worthy next week again, in the Men Cities Cup.

U23 Hungarian winners: Székesfehérvár Mancz János utca

Later on the day, another 24 Hungarian teams took the fields to select the best two teams among themselves to represent Hungary in the Men Cities Cup. The day’s winners Tárnok and runner-ups Székesfehérvár Bádogos utca will be seen playing again next week.

Winner of second day: Tárnok

Runner-up of second day: Székesfehérvár Bádogos utca